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New mix: Hip-Hop Songs That Sample or Reference Sesame Street

This was a topic I explored back in the Attic Beats days, but decided to revisit by way of an 8tracks mix. All songs sample or reference Sesame Street in some way. Most of the samples are pretty obvious, but there are one or two tracks with barely a passing reference (like the Dr. Dooom cut that refers to Snuffleupagus a single time). This mix is NSFW thanks to naughty words.

Hip-Hop Songs That Sample or Reference Sesame Street from laze on 8tracks.

A mix for an awful Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, I’ve updated my mix, “Absolutely Awful Hip-Hop Love Songs.” Now, instead of ten terrible tracks, there are 15. If you make it through the entire mix, I’ll send you an e-mail certificate of achievement. Enjoy. Or, rather, “enjoy.”

Absolutely Awful Hip-Hop Love Songs from laze on 8tracks.

Trenton where we live

I’ve recently gotten involved in a new project that aims to bring back a lot of the old school underground Jersey heads. As a result, I’ve been thinking about some old favorites recently. Stuff I grew up listening to on PRB, music that defined my worldview of hip-hop every bit as much as the music coming out of New York. Though it’s not technically all Trenton (Courageous Chief was from Willingboro, for instance), but here are some South Jersey hip-hop classics from Tony D, PRT, 360 Degrees, The Funk Family, and more. RIP Tony D and Baby Chill (#9).