Recently, I snagged a Dazzle DVD converter from Woot for a mere $30. Since it arrived, I’ve been busy digitizing old videos, so I thought I’d share a few here.

TV Tech: Car Ad Recreation

Created during my high school Media/TV Tech 1 class all the way back in 1994, in this assignment, we had to take an ad and edit ourselves in wherever there were people. This video’s brilliance lies in the amazing computer generated fake snow and the length we went to match our facial expressions to the original commercial.

The original ad runs first, for comparison, followed by our edited version of the ad.

TV Tech: Car Ad Recreation from laze on Vimeo.

TV Tech: Trash… It’s a Mess

Here’s a story assignment for my high school Media/TV Tech course in 1994. This piece of hard-hitting journalism dealt with the issue of trash on the floors of our school.

This piece includes an interview with the infamous “Body Parts Lady” (a custodian who we always assumed was wheeling body parts around in the trash can she pushed).

TV Tech: Trash… It’s a Mess from laze on Vimeo.

The People’s Court

Here’s my brief appearance on the December 1, 2000 edition of “The People’s Court.”

… more to come