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Temporary hiatus

This blog is on temporary hiatus/pause mode. As if anyone would even notice.

Coming back shortly with a new look and new smell.

Delicious links

Starting on January 1st, I’m going to disable the automatic posting of delicious links to the blog. If you want to continue to follow them, you can, over at (for as long as delicious lives, that is).

This is part of a plan to (finally) revamp the entirety of and move back toward more frequent personal blogging of substance. Lots of decisions to be made and technical stuff to fret over, but I do plan on getting to it after a couple of years of dust forming on the site. Achoo.

We have a winner…

2009 Bloggies

Man oh man. I’ve gotta say, it’s kind of cool to win something like this.

Radio Interviews

I posted a couple of recent radio interviews I did about One Sentence over on the 1S blog. If you want to check them out:

Political Bumpers 2008


I’m about three months behind on writing an entry of any worth, so for now, let me just pimp another site:

Political Bumpers 2008.

It’s been going for about a month and runs until just before the election. Traffic’s been slow and no New York Times coverage this year. Oh well — it’s still a fun project with some interesting results.

10 Years

Last year marked 10 years since I registered and next year will mark 15 years since I launched my first web site, but yesterday was a milestone, too: I wrote my first blog entry (here’s the web archive’s version) on a section of the site I called, simply, “What’s Up with Laze.” Funny thing: I didn’t realize at the time it was a blog entry. But, by all current definitions, it was.

I didn’t write many entries over the next few years, but started what would eventually become twist of fait one day short of two years later over on (it’s still there). Twist of Fait Accomplis launched with that name a few months later.

So, here’s to 10 years of crappy blogging!


We’ve been home from our vacation at the beach since Sunday and I still haven’t written anything about it.
Maybe this weekend?

Announcing Normal Bias

I know what you’ve been thinking: “Hey, it’s been a long time since Ryan started a new site/blog/project. He must be resting on his laurels.” I’ll have you know, there is no laurel-resting around these parts. Nope. None at all.

Well, in the first of a couple of announcements about new projects, let me point you towards Normal Bias.

Normal Bias is a new blog I threatened when posting a few recent audio posts of cassette rips I’d made of radio shows. Since I plan on picking up the pace a bit with these, I figured I’d spin them off on their own site. It’s a simple, straightforward blog and can be considered a successor of sorts to Attic Beats. Though they’re just rips of radio shows, demos, and out-of-print cassettes that I’ve got sitting in the basement (thankfully unharmed by the recent mini-flood), I’m providing a little commentary for each entry that should be somewhat interesting. At least to the two or three readers I have who care in the least about this sort of thing.

The two entries I posted here have been reposted over there, but here are a few pages/posts you’ll want to check out as an introduction:



You’ll be comforted to know that has been renewed through 2016.

Just think, we’ll all be driving flying cars by the time I need to renew my domain next!

End-of-January update

It’s been a busy last week or so.

Last Friday, Huyen hosted her first mom’s playgroup at our place. Lots of moms and kids converged and there was no baby drool to be found on the carpet by the time I got home. Amazing!

Then, my parents came in town for the weekend and family friends Rex and Kathy joined us on Saturday night as well. As usual, it was great to see everyone and gave me a chance to try out some new recipes on unsuspecting victims.

Dad, in his usual fit of helpfulness, dusted off the tools in our garage and helped finish off some lingering “to do” items around the house. After way too many weeks, my Ikea vinyl storage unit is finally built and anchored to the wall in the studio. I’ll post pictures after I’ve moved my records from the storage boxes into the unit. It’ll be oh-so-exciting, I promise.

And today we had a storm door installed. Getting the door purchased and installation scheduled was a bit of an ordeal, but it’s done and, reportedly, looks good.

Quick site news: the Veg Blog broke when I upgraded Movable Type, so I decided once and for all to ditch MT and move it to WordPress. It’s currently in templated-form, but I’ll be personalizing the layout a bit over the coming weeks. Also, has been secured in preparation for next year’s festivities. All 2004 content has been moved there already.

February’s going to be another crazy month, with a full 31 days’ worth of activity packed into 28 short days.