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Happy second birthday to the best kid in the known universe! We love you, girl and think you’re dope[1].

BDay Breakfast Smile

Applying Deodorant

[1] “That’s dope!” is Rasine’s new favorite phrase. I have no idea where she learned that (ahem). She even blurted it out last night as she was falling asleep and it was the first thing she said when she woke up this morning. That’s my b-girl.

Tub toys

Rasine’s developed a new pre-bath habit, where she takes all of her bath toys and throws them into the tub while the water is running. The other night, I was commenting to Huyen about exactly how many bath toys she’s accumulated and remembered this classic video:


I love the idea of teaching babies to use sign language. My sister’s used it with her kids and it’s definitely grown in popularity in recent years, as evidenced by things like Baby Signs. The truth is, it’s really simple to teach and pays some pretty cool dividends.

Basically, from very early on, we’d use a sign while saying a phrase or doing a specific action. For instance, Huyen would do the sign for “milk” while asking Rasine if she wanted milk or right before nursing. It was pretty amazing when Rasine started doing the signs on her own. And once she did the first few, she picked up a lot more quite quickly. It’s good for everyone involved — it keeps her happy because she’s able to accurately communicate what she wants and it keeps us happy because we don’t need to guess why she’s cranky (well, most of the time). It’s gotten so ingrained that she’s even signed in her sleep.

Here’s a list of the signs Rasine is currently using, at 10 1/2 months:

  • Milk
  • Eat
  • More
  • Potty
  • Dog
  • Bunny
  • Daddy (where she slaps herself in the head – always nice to know she’s inducing brain damage while asking for me)
  • Mommy (very close to Daddy, but on the cheek and without the slapping; she’s only used it once or twice… she usually opts for “Mamamamama”)
  • Cat (once)
  • Water (once)

And though it’s not sign language, she’s becoming a big fan of viciously shaking her head “no” when she doesn’t want something. ‘Tis cute now, but will probably be less so when she starts shrieking the word along with it.

May roundup

Good lord… it’s been three weeks since we got back from our trip to Portland and I still haven’t even posted a summary of the trip. I’m sure the blog statute of limitations is up on anything more than a day old, but screw it. Let’s see if I can tie up a month’s worth of activities in one post.

The trip to Portland was a lot of fun. Aside from our new alarm system malfunctioning while we were away (the heat caused the door to swell, which caused the alarm system to stupidly think someone was breaking in), it was a nice and relaxing trip. Rasine was awesome on the plane rides, sleeping for most of the flight and quietly playing for the rest. Taking a late evening flight out and a red-eye back proved to be good decisions.

The primary reason we went out was for the Web Visions 2007 conference. I had a great time at the conference and in Portland last year, so I was psyched to go again this year, this time with the family in tow. We met up with so many people in our five days in town. I’m pretty sure we know more people in Portland than any other city in the country. We had a great Ethiopian dinner with Cat (and I had lunch with her, JD, and thefamousmathowie the following day). We met up with my former co-worker Frank and his significant other Becky at the excellent Paradox. We met a bunch of the Portland vegan massive at the Everyday Dish DVD release party at the Herbivore store including Julie Hasson and Chad and Emiko from Food Fight (we also saw Chad the following day at a potluck at his store). We stayed two nights with the ever-gracious Josh, Michelle, and Ruby of the aforementioned Herbivore. Two-year-old Ruby and Rasine got along so well… Ruby loved “baby” and Rasine was enamored with the elder stateswoman. Right before leaving, we had dinner with Summer and her family.

We some awesome food (OMFG), hit up the mighty Powell’s, visited the world’s smallest park, hiked up Multnomah Falls, and I got a nice run in along the Willamette River. Josh and I also went to a really great discussion group called Disconnections and burnout in activist communities: Tools for hope and sustainability – I really hope the guy that was there from Indymedia posts the audio eventually.

So, yeah. I love Portland. If it weren’t all the way over on the other coast, I could see us living there. Here’s a measly 105 photos of the trip for you to wade through.

Amina even got a vacation out of it, spending a week with my parents up in Jersey. Apparently, she settled in quite nicely.

The rest of the month has been quite busy. Last weekend was the Poplar Spring run and yesterday I got out to see 28 Weeks Later with Dave. I also got back over to the farm to volunteer on Saturday and hope to catch up there after three weeks away. Thankfully, things are slowing down a bit and I’m able to take a breath.

This is my third blog entry of the night, so I’m going to sign off and take Amina out. Bye.


Happy six months, girl! Rock on with that Gene Simmons impersonation.

(This picture’s from three days ago, but trust me, she looks the same.)