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O’Reilly Loses His Marbles

Is this thing on?

Just had to share this outstanding old video of Bill O’Reilly losing his mind on camera when he used to work on Inside Edition (he used to work on Inside Edition?). I love this clip and will probably watch it a hundred times today.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday, Mom!

Hope the folks at the nursing home treat you well today.

(I was going to avoid making an age joke, but what the heck. Might as well do it before you actually do get old.)

Must See TV

Now here’s a show I need to get my hands on (via here, via Paul):

Amanda’s (ABC) 2.10.83-5.26.83 Beatrice Arthur — prior to The Golden Girls — starred in this half-hour sitcom inspired by the British classic Fawlty Towers. With a colorful staff, she ran a little seaside hotel that attracted equally colorful guests. (13 episodes)

Bea Arthur and colorful guests? Count me in!

I live for IM spammers

[09:48] kimngocpost2003: hello

[09:49] kimngocpost2003: i see and know you in vietsingle

[09:49] laze: No you don’t.

[09:50] kimngocpost2003: is that so?

[09:50] laze: I’m quite sure.

[09:50] kimngocpost2003: i want chat to you

[09:50] laze: For I am neither Vietnamese nor single. So, please bugger off.

[09:51] kimngocpost2003: oh

[09:51] kimngocpost2003: i see you looking for a friemd

[09:51] kimngocpost2003: should i chat

[09:51] laze: Actually, no. I have enough friends. I generally don’t like people.

[09:51] kimngocpost2003: oh i bye

[09:52] laze: Thanks for playing.

[09:52] kimngocpost2003: yes

[09:52] kimngocpost2003: thanks

CNN and the WWE

Jay Smooth shows us how terrible CNN is: it’s so bad, it’s more scripted and fake than pro wrestling (one would think that editing an interview in this way would make them target for a libel suit):

Congrats to Sunil!

Congrats to Sunil and Becky, who are proud new parents of a baby boy! Welcome to The Parent Club. Which is nothing like The Babysitter’s Club. Except for the changing diapers part.

David Gereighty is a spammer

Just so it gets out there in Google, David Gereighty is a spammer. He’s the candidate for Louisiana State Senate District 9. I’m in Virginia and got an e-mail about his candidacy. So, he’s a spammer.

Mr. Gereighty, you might want to check where your campaign is buying their mailing lists from.

Sasparilla: Not just fun to say

I don’t drink much soda these days, a few a month, perhaps. There is one, though, that I enjoy more than any other: Archer Farms (Target brand) sasparilla soda. Man, it’s good.

A close runner up: the Izze fine line of beverages (especially clementine).

Happy Birthday Brett

Happy 32nd birthday, Brett Joyce! Yeah, I still remember.

One of these days I’ll track you down online.


Today at lunch, I overheard a woman tell her lunch partner that she “doesn’t have time to read books.” I thought about it for a second and came to the conclusion that this excuse doesn’t hold water for anyone, anywhere. Why? Because everyone has at least a few minutes each day to devote to a book. You know what I’m talking about. And with those few minutes, you can work your way through a book in a reasonable amount of time.

And if you don’t think that gives you enough time to read, you need to eat more fiber.