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Amazon Affiliate directory

When I buy something on Amazon, I can’t save myself any money by going through ebates, because Amazon doesn’t participate. However, I would like to be able to send a few pennies from my order to a worthy affiliate.

When I set out to make a purchase, I’ll often think about where I want money money to go and then head to a web site I frequent and go to Amazon through their affiliate link. For instance, if I want to support Erik over at, I’ll click through his link. Or if there’s a blogger I’ve been really enjoying as of late, I may visit through their link. One thing I think would be helpful is if there were an opt-in Amazon Affiliate directory. It could be sorted into three main categories: Charity / Commerical / Individual. Subcats could then be created under each category.

This is going out to the LazyWeb in case anyone wants to take the idea and run with it. I can’t imagine it would be terribly difficult to set up, especially using some Yahoo/ODP-like open source software to handle submissions.

Audio Splitter

Here’s my attempt at invoking the LazyWeb

I’ve used a couple of MP3 splitting applications, but haven’t yet seen one that works quite the way I want it to… the ones I’ve seen let you specify intervals or singular points to split an audio file, but none let you actually load a WAV/MP3 file into memory, mark specific track break points, and then split the file automatically into separate files, named with a preceding track number (01_show.mp3, 02_show.mp3). The main application I’d use it for would be splitting radio shows up by track without having to manually highlight and save each section (with Cool Edit or a similar application). MP3 Surgeon comes kind of close, but the interface is awful. Ideally, it would work as well as Cool Edit for zooming in and finding an exact location but would have MP3 Surgeon’s splitting capabilities.

Does something like this exist? If not, it should.