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NPR on C. Delores Tucker

NPR’s rememberance of C. Delores Tucker, which uses a segment of my interview with Ms. Tucker (no credit’s given, so you’ll have to take my word for it, or download the previously linked MP3 of the full interview).

C. Delores Tucker Dies

C. Delores Tucker Dies at 78

Tucker, a civil rights activist, was most well known in recent years for her anti-gangster rap activism, though her contributions went beyond her arguably misinformed efforts fighting Tupac.

In 1996, I interviewed Ms. Tucker for my college paper. In her memory, here is an MP3 of the interview (about six minutes and six megs). Pardon my poor, confrontational interview style, as I was still learning how to talk with celebrities and other well-known folk.

Here is the article I wrote.

Damon Did It.

A police report described the man who shot [Suge] Knight in the leg Saturday at a party held in conjunction with the MTV Video Music Awards as black and wearing a pink shirt.

Oh my God! I know who it was!

Blaine Edwards from Men On Film!

Auto-Erotic Spirituality

(Hey — any New York readers want to meet up for lunch? Give me a yell.)

Here’s something that probably hasn’t been collected in one place yet: Buddhist blogger reaction to the appointment of Pope Benedict XVI:

  • Woodmoor Village
    “I’m neither pleased nor disappointed, not following Catholic doctrine myself, but I would have preferred a progressive thinker that would have changed direction in the church toward inclusivity and less dogmatism.”
  • PaperFrog
    “Of particular concern to Buddhists are some rather ungracious comments made by Cardinal Ratzinger to the French press in 1997, labeling Buddhism as an “auto-erotic spirituality” that offers “transcendence without imposing concrete religious obligations.” Spiritual masturbation, in other words. He views both Hinduism and Buddhism as future “enemies” of the Church, replacing Communism as the creeping threat of the a century.”
  • From My Window
    “There is speculation that he’s a former Nazi, and that he deserted the German Army when he found out about its hellish ways. Perhaps true, perhaps not. I do know for sure, however, that he thinks me and my fellow tribe members deserve to burn in hell. Nice fella.”
  • The Republic of T. (also)
    “From my perspective, November 3rd of last year was one victory for hatred and intolerance. So it today. The difference is that back in November it was bald-faced hatred and intolerance. Today it is disguised as divine love.”

Evil Dead Not Dead

I read yesterday for the first time that “they” are considering remaking Evil Dead without Sam Raimi as director and without Bruce Campbell as Ash. I’m sure you could all hear me groaning from wherever in the world you may be.

But then, today, I got an e-mail from director Dante Tomaselli that made me say, “Hm… maybe that wouldn’t be so bad…” Dante himself wants to be the man to do the Evil Dead remake. I will go on record as saying: if Evil Dead gets remade, Dante is the only man for the job. He’s worked with Ellen Sandweiss (from the original) and his visual style is similar to Raimi’s. If he did it, it would be done right. Of course, finding a suitable Bruce Campbell replacement would be near impossible… but maybe Bruce would consider reprising his role if someone like Dante was at the helm…

Did I mention that I briefly considered being an extra in Dante’s most recent movie Satan’s Playground? The deal-killer: the scene was a Satanic naked orgy (the only kind, as far as I’m concerned!) shot in the woods of New Jersey in late November. The world’s just not ready for my bare ass.

School what now?

1st-graders suspended in sex case

Yes, two first graders were caught attempting to have sex in school. Scary, disgusting, and most likely indicative of abuse.

But the name of the school, man… the irony is painful.

Exhumed Films on WHYY

WHYY (the NPR affiliate in Philadelphia) aired a piece this morning about Exhumed Films, a group of guys from NJ that show obscure, cult horror films on the big screen. I’ve talked about them here many, many times. Here’s an MP3 of the story.

This Week at the RNC

This is going to be a very cool week. I’m really looking forward to keeping an eye on what’s going on up at the RNC. Matt Haughey’s links seem to be a good starting point for “as it happens” type grassroots reporting/documenting.

I kinda’ wish I could be up there. At least I can now feel like I’m there in spirit.

(As a side note, Brian Regan did a great bit last night at the Improv about protesters. He noted that protesters are always from one extreme or the other and you never see middle-road protesters holding up big signs that say in bold letters, “BOTH SIDES HAVE VALID POINTS.”)

(Update: This page pulls together all of Matt’s links onto one page. The beauty of RSS.)

12″ and all snake. Or not.

from the Loudoun Animal Watch:

A Case of ‘Misnaken’ Identity

LEESBURG, Feldgrove Drive, Monday. A woman reported that a red, black and yellow snake was in her home. An animal control officer was dispatched, but the call was canceled when the woman reported that the “snake” was actually a ruler that belonged to her son.


This is the exact opposite of when I was a kid and told my dad there was a snake around the side of the house. He thought I was mistaking the garden hose for a snake, but he was wrong. I still like to remind him of this periodically.

Kerry and Edwards will get all the chicks

So John Kerry and John Edwards have teamed up.

Was anyone, anywhere shocked by this? I mean, c’mon… during the democratic debates, they were practically licking each other’s face. Do you remember the one sit-down debate when it was down to the final four candidates? I can’t tell you how many times Kerry and Edwards touched each other while giving their answers (seriously). And when Kucinich and Sharpton challenged them on their shaky stances on certain issues, they both had looks on their faces like, “C’mon. Why are you wasting our time? You know we’re getting the ticket.” And then they high-fived each other.

That said, Edwards was probably a good choice for Kerry. Sure, you’ve got Edwards’ ability to help out in the southern states and some swing states, but I think there are more important considerations than that. Edwards’ real talent is going to be in attracting the really hot interns. While he won’t get the cute granola chicks that Kucinich would have brought with him, Johnny E (as he’s known ’round the hood) is in tight with the cheerleader-turned-intern set. That can only be a good thing for Kerry when it comes time for his White House scandal two years from now.

Thank God he didn’t choose Gephardt. Kerry would never have gotten any good play from that.