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Giving new meaning to “moving house”

From the same home video as this one, this clip from my grandfather’s collection shows the house my grandparents lived in from the 1960s until my grandmother died in 2005 being moved from its original location near 23rd Street in North Wildwood to its current location at 327 5th Avenue. Here’s what momma had to say:

“The house started out as a private residence with a motel built behind it. My father, who was a contractor and built a number of motels in North Wildwood, was hired to build an addition to the motel, which I believe was located on or near 23rd Street. The year was 1963. Since the house was in the way of the addition, he and my mother purchased the house and had it moved down Surf Avenue to it’s present location on 5th Avenue. The house remained in the family until 2005.”

Two things struck me about this video:

  1. The truck that’s carrying the house isn’t particularly large. It’s pretty amazing they were able to move a house (even a small one) on such a tiny truck.
  2. Check out the dude just chilling on the roof like it’s no big thing!

The house now (thanks to my sister for sending this one along, which she took this past summer):

Mock Elections

Since 2004, I’ve worked the polls every year on election day (and often during primaries and local elections, as well). I figured I’d try it once to see what it was like during a presidential election, but ended up getting addicted and have made it a point to get involved every year.

My wife and daughter decided last week that it would be fun to set up an election precinct on our front porch. So, they did! They put together a ballot, then invited homeschoolers, neighborhood kids, folks on Facebook, and any kids that happened to walk by. We opened the polls yesterday from 1-3pm. (Absentee voting was done online until later in the day.)

In the two hours we had 25 kids come by to vote, which is more activity than in any two-hour span when I worked the Republican primary elections earlier this year. Impressive turnout by the youth voting bloc!

Here are the final results (and here is the Google spreadsheet with additional details):

President/Vice President

  • Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D): 22 (71%)
  • Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R): 8 (26%)
  • Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala (G): 1 (3%)
  • Virgil Goode/Jim Clyme (C): 0 (0%)
  • Gary Johnson/James P. Gray (L): 0 (0%)

US Sentate (VA)

  • Timothy Kaine: 16 (55%)
  • George Allen: 13 (45%)

The age range of in-person voters was 3-10, with the average being 6.9 years old. (We didn’t ask for the age of the absentee voters.)

Rasine by our street sign.

Rasine casting her ballot.

We had a great turnout of enthusiastic young voters.

Just like at the real elections, we signed and sealed the ballot box until it was time to count the ballots, to prevent voter fraud. Unlike the real election, Shepp was the guardian of the ballots.

Cracking open the ballot box.