I was listening this morning to the excellent Genocide & Juice, a 1994 album from The Coup. Shortly after this album, member E-Roc left the group and not much was heard about him. I did a quick Google search and saw a passing mention that he might be “a dockworker.” I wondered if this might tie in at all with Boots’ involvement with the Occupy movement in the Bay Area port shutdowns last month.

My curiosity remained, so I took to Twitter and asked Boots if he knew what was up with E-Roc these days:

@bootsriley Do you know what E-Roc’s up to these days? Listening to “Genocide & Juice” this morning and got to wondering…Thu Jan 19 16:42:00 via Seesmic

Before long, he replied:

E-roc is a Longshoreman in Oakland. We consulted w him right b4 1st port shutdown. RT @supalaze
Do you know what E-Roc’s up to these days?Thu Jan 19 17:50:19 via web

It’s cool to see two former music partners collaborating again years later in this way.