When I bought this shirt, I wondered how long it would take wearing it before someone would “get” it. I’m happy to report that only four hours into day one, I got my first response to it.

I was sitting out by the lake reading at lunchtime when a guy walked by and says, “Awesome shirt! I love it!” I reacted with surprise that he actually understood it and he explained that he’s the VP of Marketing for a well-known tech firm located in the next building over.

“I’m helping put together a big 6,000 square foot Art of Video Games exhibit at the Smithsonian,” he told me.

“That’s amazing,” I replied and then we went back and forth in a game of Odyssey^2 game tennis.

“Remember the Lord of the Rings knock-off? And Wall Street?”

Pick Axe Pete?”

“Hell yeah! KC Munchkin!”

Which reminds me. I totally need to create a Pick Axe Pete t-shirt.