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Temporary hiatus

This blog is on temporary hiatus/pause mode. As if anyone would even notice.

Coming back shortly with a new look and new smell.

Stuff I’m Reading – March 2, 2011

A few things I’ve read recently worth sharing:

  • Harper Collins and ebooks – Publisher Harper Collins is changing the terms of their sales of ebooks to libraries. Now, a license for an ebook will expire after 26 loans. WTF? Are they going to come and burn all the paper copies after a couple of dozen loans, too? This blog has a good summary of what’s going on.
  • The Last Wailer – Great GQ piece on the reclusive Bunny Wailer. (via longform, which you should follow, if you already don’t)
  • On Worst Comes to Worst – I always thought that “if worse comes to worst” was preferable to “if worst comes to worst,” but apparently the latter is the original (though both terms are generally considered to be OK).

  • Publisher defends book on Polish plunder of Jews
    Golden Harvest is due out later this year and details how some Poles plundered graves and sold out Jews’ hiding spots for financial gain. There should be no shame in visiting this part of Poland’s history: acknowledge it, learn from it, and use it to move forward.
  • Interview – Lee “Scratch” Perry (2007) – Perry has a surprisingly progressive view on homosexuality (especially given reggae’s historical condemnation of LGBT folk), but it’s also very much “Scratch”: “Gay people have the right to live their life, and I wouldn’t say that they shouldn’t live the life they should live because they were once woman. After they reincarnate they come back as man. They achieve two different power – they achieve the power of man and the woman. We all are male and female but some of us don’t know how to handle it. We are all male and we are all female in one body; two power in one body. But if the woman in the gay want to live a woman life, let the woman in the gay live a woman life. And if the man in the gay wish to life a man life, let the man in the gay live a man life. I have nothing to say against them.”
  • Emily Anne Reed – Shame she didn’t make it through on American Idol. Really liked her.
  • Kenny G and Miles Davis (photo) – Best thing I’ve seen this week. Miles is looking at Kenny G the way we all hope he would.
  • RIP, Lana Cokos – My fifth grade math teacher. She was great.