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5ks and Goose Poop

It’s been a nice weekend thusfar, starting off with a visit from Alex. He came by for dinner on Friday and joined me and helped out at the farm on Saturday morning. Thi also came into town for a few days and was Rasine’s best buddy on Saturday. This morning, I got up before the sun, headed out to Berryville, and ran my fourth Stupid Little 5k. I guess the bit of running I’ve been doing recently has helped out, as I felt fine throughout the whole run (even if it was 32 degrees) and ran a personal race best (I think it was my second best 5k, including training runs, too) at about 24:26 (which comes out to a 7:50/mile average). I scored first in my age group, but that may not actually be completely true depending on the age of the folks that finished in the top three overall.

Then, this afternoon, the whole family headed out to the park for a nice picnic lunch. Rasine dodged goose poop, as this video shows:

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Where I write more than 140 characters, for once

I’ve been thinking about some stuff recently. Like how I’d like to get back to writing in my blog more frequently. And how I want to twitter a little less and a little less stupidly. And how neither the blog or my twitter stream really belongs on my Facebook profile.

So, I’ve been up to a few things.

For one, I’ve gotten back into running. I’m still definitely not a heavy runner, but at least I’m logging a few miles a few times a week and have a couple of races coming up. The first one is Sunday’s Stupid Little 5k, a great first race of the year since it’s a flat course and a very low-key atmosphere. Plus, it’s cheap. Then, in May, I’m running my sixth Poplar Spring Run for the Animals. This year, I’m gathering sponsors and have set a goal of raising $2000 for the farm. If you’d consider donating a few bucks, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Second, I’ve been dipping my toes back into the music thing. I finally launched the two-year-old redesign of Urban Ambiance (thanks, Arquay!), even if the site’s really still not ready. I’ll be progressively touching up the content and organizing things for the release of a new mix in a few weeks titled Conspicuous Presence. The mix is coming along really well and should be a worthy successor to Conspicuous Absence from 2004. I’ve got a few new beats just waiting for the finishing touches, too, so hopefully I can get that album out this year. I need to get some verses and cuts from people and finalize a few instrumentals.

Other than that, I’m: just hating American Idol, enjoying 24, needing to call someone about getting the birds out of our attic/ducts without hurting them, chipping away at taxes, thinking I need to call about refinancing really soon, glad Amina seems to have stopped her morning puking routine, laughing at the fact today Rasine set the house alarm and covered herself with postage stamps, and thinking I absolutely need to get up to Chiller Theatre this year.

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We have a winner…

2009 Bloggies

Man oh man. I’ve gotta say, it’s kind of cool to win something like this.

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