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Half Pint waxes philosophical on reggae

Pint breaks down the difference between reggae and dancehall:

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Political Bumpers 2008


I’m about three months behind on writing an entry of any worth, so for now, let me just pimp another site:

Political Bumpers 2008.

It’s been going for about a month and runs until just before the election. Traffic’s been slow and no New York Times coverage this year. Oh well — it’s still a fun project with some interesting results.

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Are You There, Jah?

If you missed it or it hasn’t been forwarded to you yet, don’t miss Andy Samberg’s “Are You There Jah? It’s Me, Ras Trent” from Saturday’s SNL. It’s spot on in every way. His “shanty dorm” looks a lot like mine did…

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