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Happy second birthday to the best kid in the known universe! We love you, girl and think you’re dope[1].

BDay Breakfast Smile

Applying Deodorant

[1] “That’s dope!” is Rasine’s new favorite phrase. I have no idea where she learned that (ahem). She even blurted it out last night as she was falling asleep and it was the first thing she said when she woke up this morning. That’s my b-girl.

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  • Outstanding look at the reaction Palin and the GOP convention received from the left. "[W]ere you somehow surprised that the GOP might try very hard to make this campaign about something other than actual issues? Did you expect them to try to run on the last eight years, or even pretend that they own them? What the fuck is wrong with you?" [via COD]
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To my awesome wife: happy anniversary!