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RetailMeNot tip

RetailMeNot rules. And here’s a great little tip for sites you buy from frequently:

Take the url and add a domain name to it (like Add that sucka to your feedreader and you’ll get notice of new coupons for that site. Beautiful.

Horror round-up (including RTSC)

It’s been an interesting week of horror-related news, all of which are near and dear to me:

First, it looks like there will be an Evil Dead IV. Raimi’s starting the script “next week” and though Campbell isn’t committed to the project, you pretty much know that if there’s going to be an Evil Dead movie, Campbell will be in it. I’m really, really hope this one comes to fruition. (In related news, I’m kinda’ looking forward to My Name Is Bruce.)

The aforelinked Vault of Horror also notes that the Suspiria remake may not suck! When you’re dealing with Suspiria, you’re treading on sacred ground. Horror remakes almost universally suck, but here’s to hoping that like the Dawn of the Dead remake, there’s a possibility it could be good.

The biggest news of all, though, is that Return to Sleepaway Camp finally has a release date on DVD. Better yet? It’s on my birthday! You may remember that five years ago, I travelled to far northern Pennsylvania to be an extra in the sequel to the film that my friend’s uncle was in 20 years earlier. I had a great time and had figured the movie would never see the light of day. Thankfully, I was wrong. The trailer over at Jeff’s official site looks like a lot of fun (download it here) and Jeff’s former-partner-now-rival-and-RTSC-detractor John over at the Sleepaway Camp sequels site has positive things to say about it. Hopefully my 15 seconds (max) of screentime made it into the final cut and earned me my IMDB credit.

That’s about all I’ve got. Now go read this great critique of Fulci’s Zombie (coupla NSFW screencaps).

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Lifehacker -iPhone

I enjoy Lifehacker, but man oh man, they have too many iPhone-related posts. I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be buying an iPhone anytime soon and I have zero interest in reading about hacks or apps for it, so I whipped up a quick filtered version of the full Lifehacker feed, minus posts with iPhone in the title or category, with Yahoo! Pipes.

You can check out the pipe here or subscribe to its RSS feed.

My sole July update (seemingly)

It’s funny… since I’ve stopped writing here as frequently, I’ve lost touch with a lot of people, particularly old work friends and certain college friends. But at the same time, I’ve spent more time posting stuff to Twitter and checking in on Facebook every couple of days and as a result, have reconnected with people from my more distant past. A couple of weeks ago, I had dinner with Kevin, a friend that I’ve known since Kindergarten. I’ve also swapped e-mail with high school friends I haven’t talked with since graduation and even got in touch with a guy I used to play baseball with back in middle school.

Things have been good around these parts. Huyen’s family was in town for a couple of weeks. It’s always nice to see them and we get lots of board game time in, usually killing Dr. Lucky. We went old school this time, though, and also broke out both Headache and Trouble with the Pop-O-Matic bubble.

Slow progress continues to happen on a few different projects. I hope to tie things up on a few of them in the next couple of months and change my focus a bit for the remainder of the year. I’d like to start 2009 with a pretty wide-open slate.

Rasine’s doing well. She’s talking a lot more now and definitely asserting her independence. She won’t even give her daddy a kiss unless I pretend I’m crying. It’s like high school all over again.

We had Amina in for her yearly check-up. She’s “the picture of health” and I finally found out what that odd little bump is on her side that seems to move around when touched. The vet said she thinks it’s a buckshot, meaning she was probably hit by a stray shot at some point during her hunting days. We’ve always figured she was a hunting dog before she was found wandering down in southwest Virginia and this seems to support our theory. We think she probably wasn’t a very good hunting dog, or got too jumpy, and was just abandoned. I guess that’s a better fate than many underperforming or aging hunting dogs face.

Hope all is well with all of you. Drop me a line or something.

In the meantime, you can catch me over on Twitter posting stupid little things more frequently than here. But I’ll be back here, too. Don’t cry.

Instrumental Wins Again

One album where the instrumental version is significantly more listenable than the vocal version: Quasimoto’s The Further Adventures of Lord Quas (2005). The production is brilliant, but I’m definitely not a big fan of Madlib’s Quasimoto helium-voice persona.

Sly Fox

This song alone will cause me to buy the new Nas album, the first one I’ve bought since It Was Written. Brilliant stuff. (And the video features Jay Smooth!)

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