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Fist bump=terrorist

Never has FOX “News” come across as more out-of-touch. Funny thing: this video would have seemed “out-of-touch” five years ago.

Glenn Frey said it best




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Music I’m Digging, June 2008 edition

Neil Welch: Narmada [2008]

Proof that post-contemporary jazz in the Trane/Shepp/Sanders/Ayler vein is alive, well, and getting better and better.

Adam and the Ants: King of the Wild Frontier [1980]

I remember my cousin Greg being a big Adam Ant fan back in the day. I’d never really listened to the Ants stuff before, but this albums filled with catchy hooks that are hard to hate.

J-Live: Then What Happened? [2008]

Another phenomenal outing for one of hip-hop’s best songwriters.

Craig G & Marley Marl: Operation: Take Back Hip-Hop [2008]

After Marley Marl’s terrible BBE instrumental release a few years back and his more recent so-so album with KRS, I wasn’t expecting much. But the old Juice Crew compatriots team up and lay down some real heaters, like “Reintroduction,” “Deep Down,” and “We Gets It In (feat. Talib Kweli.”

Cassandra Wilson: Thunderbird [2006]

I haven’t been impressed with most of her post-2000 work, but this one took me by surprise. She takes lots of chances and more often than not, they pay off. “Go to Mexico” really grew on me after the second or third listen.

7L & Esoteric: Esoteric Vs. Japan (Pterodactyl Takes Japan!) [2008]

People seem to love or hate Esoteric. I’m in the former camp and it’s albums like this that show why. Excellent lyricism that hits all the geek spots (Saved by the Bell, Raheem, and pro wrestling references). The production is even better, pulling samples and influences from Japanese monster movies.


Still loving Built By Snow. And two groups I’ve just discovered in the last two days may be entering the heavy-rotation list: Polish jazz group 100nka and Seattle avant-garde jazz trio Goat, who’s new album Special Agent is some pretty heady stuff.