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Mondays off = good

I love having Mondays off… it makes the Friday before extra-nice and even when it’s over, there’s still only a four-day work week ahead.

Felt sinus-infection-like symptoms coming on late last week, but they passed after a day. Unfortunately, some nasty stomach cramps stuck around for two or three days which made me an absolute joy to be around.

Worked the farm Sunday, had a nice chunk of Daddy-time throughout the weekend, and lots of nice family walks with Amina in the good weather. Not a bad three days, even if we didn’t venture far from home.

I spent a bit of yesterday researching some different web hosts, because I’ve pretty much decided it’s time to move on. The biggest problem is that for weeks now, pretty much every day at 3:30 or 4:30am, mail stops coming in. It requires a restart of the mail service, which the host doesn’t usually do on their own. Often, it takes me up to 10 hours later asking them to do it. Right now, it’s 7:30pm and no mail has come in in the last 16 hours. I filed a helpdesk request and was told, “Everything’s OK.” Sorry, dude. It ain’t. And that response pushed me over the edge. Once I find a host, I’m going to start the move process yet again. (Between when I started this and when I posted this, I found a new host and started transitioning my domains, starting with

Hope all is well in readerland.

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It’s Tuesday.

Though this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend, I decided to use up some PTO and extend last weekend by two days. I took Friday off to prep for my parents’ visit and Monday as a recovery day after a busy weekend.

Mom and Dad came in on Friday and only stuck around long enough for my dad to mow our lawn on Saturday, but it was still nice to see them on their way home from Virginia and Myrtle Beach(es). Saturday afternoon, Huyen, Rasine, and I headed out to Potomac, MD for Rayyan’s 3rd birthday party at My Gym (I work with Rayyan’s dad at the farm). It was surprisingly fun… heavy on the Spider-Man theme, including another farm-acquaintance playing Spider-Man for all the kids. Sure, he had the costume on backwards at first and then ripped it later on, but he had more enthusiasm than one would expect from someone who doesn’t play Spider-Man for a living.

Sunday morning I was up at 5:30am to make it out to Wheaton, MD for the fifth annual Poplar Spring Run for the Animals. I finished at 26:31 (100th out of 338 runners), which is alright considering I still haven’t really picked my regular running schedule back up yet. The turnout was excellent and Rasine and Amina both had a good time, even if it meant getting up really early.

Sunday night I worked the soundboard for a co-worker’s band who were playing out in Boyce, VA. Kind of a late show for a Sunday night, but it was fun.

Yesterday was a much more chill day. Woke up a little later, took a nap at noon, walked the W&OD with the family, and went to Rasine’s evening music class.

Looking forward to another extended weekend this weekend and our MWC reunion (10th!) the following weekend.

The new version of Pint’s site is coming along and may actually launch soon. I’ve had to turn away some other projects in order to keep my sanity, and I think I’m pretty much done taking on any new freelance projects at this point. Anyone want my overflow? (Really. I’ve got some work for you, if you do.)

And with that: g’bye.

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O’Reilly Loses His Marbles

Is this thing on?

Just had to share this outstanding old video of Bill O’Reilly losing his mind on camera when he used to work on Inside Edition (he used to work on Inside Edition?). I love this clip and will probably watch it a hundred times today.

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