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10 Years

Last year marked 10 years since I registered and next year will mark 15 years since I launched my first web site, but yesterday was a milestone, too: I wrote my first blog entry (here’s the web archive’s version) on a section of the site I called, simply, “What’s Up with Laze.” Funny thing: I didn’t realize at the time it was a blog entry. But, by all current definitions, it was.

I didn’t write many entries over the next few years, but started what would eventually become twist of fait one day short of two years later over on (it’s still there). Twist of Fait Accomplis launched with that name a few months later.

So, here’s to 10 years of crappy blogging!

Here’s That Rainy Day

Enjoying the April rains… listened to two versions of “Here’s That Rainy Day” today (Archie Shepp and Milt Jackson).

Was kind of bummed when they hit yesterday. We had planned to take Rasine to her first concert, the Green Apple Music Festival in DC. The Roots and Toots and the Maytals were scheduled to play. But, the early morning thunderstorms dissuaded us from making the trip into town. Good thing we decided not to go, since even though the concert went on, only about half of the groups played and none of the ones we wanted to see.

Instead, we had a leisurely morning around the house and headed out after Rasine’s morning nap to a new vegetarian spot in Chantilly, pumping a Best of Toots CD on the way there. Took a nap when we got back, had breakfast-for-dinner, and watched a little TV. All-in-all, a really good Sunday.

Saturday was a much nicer day weatherwise. Worked the farm in the morning and Huyen and Rasine came by for a picnic lunch there afterwards. Rasine loved seeing all the animals again (it’s been a while), especially digging the cows, chickens, and horses. The pigs still scare her a bit, though.

Hard to believe the year’s almost a third done. But, I’ve been making some good progress on certain projects (and not-so-good progress on others) and have got some interesting things lined up in the coming months.

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