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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday, Mom!

Hope the folks at the nursing home treat you well today.

(I was going to avoid making an age joke, but what the heck. Might as well do it before you actually do get old.)

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Oh please tell me he’s not writing about American Idol

My first real post in three weeks and it’s an American Idol post? That’s bad news.

Anyway, this season of American Idol is probably the most painful one yet. There are maybe four people that are genuinely interesting and talented. Others are incredibly bland or soul-crushingly annoying. And I’ve found that Huyen and I watch the show very differently. For instance:

  • Huyen: Listens to songs and makes thoughtful comments.
  • Ryan: Complains even about songs he likes and curses AI for even existing.
  • Huyen: Doesn’t mind watching recaps.
  • Ryan: Would be happy breezing through a 2 hour show in 15 minutes, skipping all packages and half of each performance.
  • Huyen: Looks forward to each episode.
  • Ryan: Hates everything and yells at the kids to get off his lawn.

One thing that did catch my ear on Tuesday night was the use of one-album-wonder reggae/hip-hop vocalist Jamal-Ski. He had one really good album on Sony/Columbia back in 1993, but ask most people who he is today and they’ll have no clue. AI used “Jump, Spread Out” which was surprising enough (going back 15 years to a completely forgotten, but good, song?), but clearly somebody wasn’t paying attention. They had a whole song of lyrics to choose from, but ended up using one that referred to smoking weed. How wholesome!

I guess they could have made a more controversial choice from the same album, though…

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Remake vaporware?

What ever happened to the supposed Gaslight remake?

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