[09:48] kimngocpost2003: hello

[09:49] kimngocpost2003: i see and know you in vietsingle

[09:49] laze: No you don’t.

[09:50] kimngocpost2003: is that so?

[09:50] laze: I’m quite sure.

[09:50] kimngocpost2003: i want chat to you

[09:50] laze: For I am neither Vietnamese nor single. So, please bugger off.

[09:51] kimngocpost2003: oh

[09:51] kimngocpost2003: i see you looking for a friemd

[09:51] kimngocpost2003: should i chat

[09:51] laze: Actually, no. I have enough friends. I generally don’t like people.

[09:51] kimngocpost2003: oh i bye

[09:52] laze: Thanks for playing.

[09:52] kimngocpost2003: yes

[09:52] kimngocpost2003: thanks