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That’s my onion!

So, there I am reading a recent entry on Lifehacker about the “top 10 food and drink hacks” when I get to #3, “Avoid crying while chopping onions.” Next to it is a picture of an onion.

I paused a second.

I squinted a little.

Dude. That’s my kitchen. That’s my onion.

So weird.

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Things that currently are not working on my home PC…

… or, Small Annoyances I’ve Been Living With For A While Now

  1. The scroll wheel on my mouse does nothing. Updating drivers, changing settings, nothing will make it, you know, scroll.
  2. Our printer form feeds paper rather than, you know, printing. When I print a page, the printer whirs up and proceeds to spit out a blank piece of paper without even attempting to print. If I hook up the printer to my Mac, it works fine.
  3. It doesn’t recognize when my camcorder is hooked up via Firewire (or USB, for that matter). So, this means I can’t transfer video and I can’t send an analog signal through it to capture, either. This is the most frustrating of all the issues and probably indicates a problem with the camera.
  4. Mozy has had a lot of trouble backing stuff up for the past month or so.
  5. POPfile occasionally gets stuck and the process needs to be restarted.
  6. There’s a one-pixel red dot on my screen. I’ve run dead pixel removers a few times with no luck.

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