I like SimpleWeather. It is what it says: weather in a super-clean, attractive, uncluttered interface. (Read: NO FREAKIN’ ADS!)

Stuff I like:

  • Clean, simple design
  • Well-designed icons
  • The fact that the title bar shows the temperature for the location you’re viewing. This makes it easy to see the temp just by glancing at your tabs.
  • Refreshes automatically every 10 minutes

Stuff I’d like to see:

  • Since they’re doing the cool thing with the temperature in the titlebar, how about also serving up a favicon to reflect the weather?
  • I’d dig it if you could choose the source of the data. Right now it uses weather.com, but being able to choose Weather Underground or some other source would be pretty sweet.
  • RSS feeds. Sticky territory? Dunno.
  • Widgets. Because all other weather sites’ widgets suck.

Hooray for SimpleWeather!