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One of those posts only Matt Wright will understand

Random thought:

If I could bring back any two forgotten old school rappers to do a duet, I’d team up Chill Rob G and Lakim Shabazz. Hey, it could happen, they were both Flavor Unit members!

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“Expert” at 17

This made me laugh a little:

On Sunday, Nov. 29th [,1992], at 9:30 PM Eastern time, the Writers Ink RT will have a Real Time Conference (RTC) about electronic publishing. The publishing of information purely in electronic form, is a rapidly growing industry that promises to provide many benefits to readers and writers. The RTC will be hosted by a panel of experts from all aspects of the business, including: Ron Albright (founder of the Disktop Publishing Association – DPA), Ryan MacMichael (publisher of STANZA, a free on-line poetry magazine) and J. Neil Schulman (founder of SoftServ Publishing, the first company to distribute electronic editions of novels and nonfiction via modem). If you are interested in attending this conference, type M440;2 at any GEnie prompt on November 29th.

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Fun with an IM spammer

I tend to get a lot of IM spam. It’s usually some twit posing as a girl looking for some hot cyber action. Usually I just block them and am done with it. Today I decided to take a couple of minutes and screw with one of them. I tired of it quickly, though, as they had trouble keeping up with my razor sharp wit.

[10:53] *** sky_tearse has added you to their contact list. You may choose to accept or deny this action. You may also add this user to your contact list or ignore this user.

[10:53] sky_tearse: hi

[10:53] *** You have denied access to sky_tearse.

[10:54] sky_tearse: hi

[10:54] laze: green is the new purple

[10:55] sky_tearse: how are you dear

[10:55] laze: ready to hand out a beatdown

[10:55] sky_tearse: nice

[10:55] laze: Pigs can fly!

[10:55] sky_tearse: yes

[10:56] sky_tearse: if have wigs

[10:56] sky_tearse: wings

[10:56] laze: And magicians are magic.

[10:56] sky_tearse: sure

[10:57] laze: so, the real question is: why are you IMing me? You have five seconds before you’re plonked.

[10:57] sky_tearse: cose i need you

[10:57] sky_tearse: 5 second befor?

[10:57] sky_tearse: :-P

[10:58] laze: You need me? As a spelling tutor?

[10:58] sky_tearse: common

[10:58] laze: He’s a good rapper.

[10:58] sky_tearse: must be

[10:59] sky_tearse: asl?

[11:00] laze: Nah, I prefer lip reading.

[11:01] sky_tearse: mmm like lips?

[11:01] sky_tearse: cum beter

[11:01] laze: Jokes are lost on the clueless.

[11:01] sky_tearse: somtimes’

[11:02] laze: Well, it’s been fun. Plonk.

[11:02] *** sky_tearse has been ignored.

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In need of a nap

Battling another headache, grunting through a sore, stiff back that’s been hitting me every afternoon for the last month, and having a tough time focusing on any one thing because there’s too many vying for attention. Something’s gotta give.

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