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Random Memory

I just had a flashback of a random memory from college… I started on (and maybe finished) an experimental dub-hop song called “Dub Wiser” where I sampled the Budweiser frogs and reversed the first syllable.

I should find that song.

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Every weekend should be a three-day weekend

I took Friday off and, man, there is nothing as sweet as a three-day weekend.  I had originally planned to get a few things done on Friday, but decided to make it “Nap Day” instead.  I can’t remember whether I took two or three naps.  I can tell you this, though — they were good ones.

Got to spend a lot of one-on-one time with the girl this weekend.  Huyen had a few appointments and events, so Rasine and I had some good father-daughter time.  We played lots of peek-a-boo and danced to Desmond Dekker.  Honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing that right now.

I went running last night for the first time in five months (!).  I didn’t realize it had been so long.  Oddly, I felt better than I did the last time I ran, back in October.  I was only planning a short 3 miler, but ended up stretching it out an extra ten minutes and managed to rack up 4 1/4 miles for my first run of the year.  There hasn’t been any news on the Stupid Little 5k this year, but I’d like to make sure I’m ready for the Poplar Spring run in May and maybe get a few other races in by the end of the year.  What kind of stinks: two days after my run, my legs are still killing me.

I’ve been working on some new tuneage recently, too.  It feels good.  And here’s my (mostly) organized vinyl collection (I still have two-ish crates to sort through):


And, to close, here’s a recording of Rasine’s first musical composition, hitting keys on the Micro-Korg with Daddy occasionally changing presets:

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Fresh Start

Yesterday over at Otis Fodder/WFMU’s 2007 edition of the 365 Days Project, they featured one of my submissions, a simply amazing track by Thomas Stephen Smith titled “Fresh Start.”

At my local library, they occasionally have a small box of records for sale near the front desk.  Generally it’s the same old crappy Mantovani Christmas records, but I have found a few gems in there over the years.  The “Fresh Start” 7″ is definitely one of them.  It’s a rare one, to be sure — there is absolutely nothing out there on the web about the song and, as far as I can tell, the songwriter.  It’s a shame, because this is one of the greatest songs ever recorded.

“Fresh Start” sounds very much like the theme song to an 80s sitcom.  It’s not until about 1/3rd of the way into the song that you realize it’s actually a Christian feel-good song with lyrics that no one can deny are utterly poetic:

He’ll give you a… fresh start, a new heart,
A brand new way of seeing things,
Why you wanna hold on to things that only waste you away?
When you can have a fresh start, a new heart,
This very day?

I picture this as a theme song to a Christian version of “Perfect Strangers.”  Paul points out that Mark Linn-Baker should star in this sitcom as well.  I, too, think he’d be the perfect Jesus.


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I Am Not Matt Haughey

Woa.  Just saw a Matt Haughey look-a-like in the men’s room.  He must work for the other company on our floor.