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Last Post of the Year

Just wanted to get one last post in for the year. It’s been a nice weekend so far… Huyen’s mom is in town for a couple of weeks and I’ve got Monday off, so we’ve just been kicking around the house, watching too many Twilight Zone episodes (seriously, how good was the original series?), and eating good food (I made a vegan palak paneer tonight).

This year’s certainly been one of the most active yet… lots of great things (Rasine and Madi’s births) and a few not-so-great things (Aunt Jean’s passing, Aunt Julie’s passing, Zoe’s passing, crazy car crap). That looks like more not-so-greats than greats, but the greats were really great.

2007’s already got some seriously interesting things on the horizon, so let’s get this new year started and see what happens.

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RIP, Zoe, Ory

Five years ago at the Sunshine Foundation’s 2001 Progeria Reunion, I had a chance to sit down with an eight-year-old girl from Puerto Rico named Zoe while she was doing some artwork. Progeria is an extraordinarily rare aging disease that affects one in every four to eight million children. There are only a few dozen children diagnosed with Progeria in the entire world.

Zoe was an unbelievably sweet little girl. She was shy and understood a little English, but she talked about how she didn’t really like school that much. When I sent a picture to her the following year of her and one of her friends at the reunion, she was happy to get it, but wanted to cut herself out of the shot.

I got the sad news that Zoe passed away two weeks ago at the age of 13. The average child with Progeria only lives to see their early teen years.

Another Progeria child you may have seen on television, Ory, died a week ago of a heart attack during surgery. He was 10.

I don’t really know what else to say, really, but I thought I’d share a few photos from 2001 of Zoe. If you’d like to make a donation to help children like Zoe and Ory, please do so through the Progeria Research Foundation or the Sunshine Foundation.

Zoe and Ryan



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Chris and Hitler

There are two guys I always pass when I go for my post-lunch walk. One reminds me of Chris and the other looks like Hitler, if Hitler wore jeans and sneakers.

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