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Kissing Carps

Anytime someone captures something funny on video, without fail, people still say, “You should send that in to America’s Funniest Home Videos!” Well, my in-laws did and they’re on tonight.

Watch for the “kissing carps” video starring my brother- and sister-in-law. It’s a proud moment.

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Ten fingers? Check.

I used a circular saw for the first time this weekend.

And, I still have all my fingers.

I’m like mother-freakin’ Bob Vila.

Così anca-luppolo

Ennio Morricone is so hip-hop. Seriously, listen to this track he did in 1969 for La Donna Invisibile and listen to the structure of the melody and the bassline after the introductory segment finishes. How hip-hop is that?

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