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A-Trak lives

A-Trak is just sick

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Two Things I Learned Today

  1. Our Prius has a light that lets you know when your tire pressure is getting low. Smart! Tire pressure is one of those things no one checks as often as they should, so this is a nice little feature. ‘Tis a shame it doesn’t tell you which tire is low, though.
  2. The days where gas stations offer free air is gone. Not only that, apparently the going rate is 75 cents. For air! Tied to this, it seems that in some states, “free air must be provided for paying customers as required by law.” You get tokens from the attendant in lieu of coins. Not sure if that holds true in Virginia.

Don’t look a gift horse in the pants

Happy Birthday from Angela

I’ve got the best friends (thanks, Kristy!).

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