Over the past two weeks, there are three items or techniques that I’ve found particularly helpful with child care. May I share them with you? Thanks!

  1. My glasses tip: if you wear glasses, when you lay down at night, don’t fold them up before putting them on the nightstand. Leave them unfolded because you’ll be doing a lot of getting out of bed to check on the kid. It’s a lot easier to just put them right on your face (possibly jamming your eye in the process) than fiddling with them to get them on your face.
  2. The Inclined to Sleep Sleep Wedge. This thing is great. We use it when she’s sleeping in bed with us as well as when she’s in her bassinet to help keep her snug and secure. The memory foam to prevent flathead is a nice touch, too.
  3. Puppy Pads. We had a few of these on hand and found ourselves unexpectedly using them as changing pads for the baby. We end up doing most of our diaper changing on the floor of whatever room we’re in, so having these on hand is great for those unexpected mid-change fountains.

More to follow in the coming years.