Yesterday I said that Celebrity Duets was the worst show ever. I take that back.

20/20‘s “The Last Days on Earth” special that was on tonight is the worst show–nay, the worst thing–ever. What a piece of pseduo-journlistic crap. It was just asking for a Daily Show thrashing.

In addition to the standard “an asteroid will hit the earth and cause everything to explode into flames instantaneously” angle, they also mentioned killer machines that grow “billions of times” smarter than humans and spent entirely too long discussing what people would do if they knew the exact time that the world would end. Plus, as an added bonus of supreme craptitude, it was all presented in a countdown format.

Fox and ABC have shown me their worst in the last two days. Whatcha got, NBC? The Biggest Loser? C’mon, you can do better worse than that. How about you, CBS? Survivor: Cook Islands, complete with race war? That’s more like it.