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I logged into my AOL AIM account over at for the first time… ever, I think. I was taken aback to see the address associated with my screenname: [email protected] Not only have I not been at since 1998, but the paprika part went away in 1996 or so, if I remember correctly.

Now if I can just find a way to actually update that address.

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Calling Mr. C.H. MacMichael

We’ve been getting a lot of mail at our house for “Mr. Campbell H. MacMichael” recently.

That would nbr Huyen’s maiden name, her first initial, and our last name. With a “Mr.” in front. Yay for corrupt databases!

Portland, part 2

After having slacked a bit, I ran three times while in Portland. The first was a run suggested by Cat along the Willamette River and across the Hawthorne and Steel Bridges. The second was on a hot Friday night on the treadmill in the hotel and the third was a half-walk/half-hike at Silver Falls Park outside of Salem. The last was the shortest, but probably the hardest because of all the crazy inclines and stairs. This picture about says it all.

I uploaded a lot of photos from the trip. I think this may be my favorite.

Cat has posted her own recap. She really helped to make this trip great, giving me some great suggestions for things to do, lending me a USB cable, and scooting us all around town. It’s the rare person that can take that much of me at a time. She’s taken back the helm at the Blogathon this year, so she’s been a tad busy this month.

Matt Haughey recognized Paul (as did so many others because Paul is a Rock Star), but I fear mrhowie was terribly confused when I introduced myself to him as Maury. Clearly, he forgot this seminal post. Oh well. I still met Mr. MeFi (but not Mr. MePhiMe). And Scott remembered me, vaguely. Sigh. I can’t even get net fame. How am I ever going to win Sexiest Vegetarian if no one knows me?

Something else I realized on this trip is how essential wireless is. I simply will not stay at a hotel that doesn’t have it. I prefer food establishments (particularly coffee shops) that offer it. And having it at the convention center during the conference was a huge help. Slightly related: I continue to abhor the Treo 650. How this piece of barely usable garbage got to be the number one phone in the country (according to Kelly Gosub’s Goto’s talk), I don’t know.

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City of Roses

I’ve got about an hour before my flight home and Portland has free Wi-fi, so I’m going to start a recap of my trip to Portland. Of course I intended to blog each day of the trip, but as usual, it wasn’t to be. Too tired by bedtime, which I guess a good thing.

My flight in was delayed by several hours, so I didn’t get in until about 10:30pm pacific time last Wednesday night. Paul was also delayed and came in shortly after me, so I stuck around the airport and we headed to the hotel together.

On Thursday and Friday, we went to the Web Visions conference and learned things and stuff (more details on that in a separate post). We met up with Cat (that’s Blogathon Cat) and had lunch with her and other A-list bloggers (sorry I don’t have other URLs — business cards have been packed). Both Paul and I were surprised that Matt Haughey wasn’t 8 feet tall, as we both got the impression that he was. Larger than life, and all.

Friday night we met up with Cat and her hubby Bill for dinner at Queen of Sheba for some wicked good Ethiopian eats. (Restaurant reviews will pop up over at the Veg Blog.) After dinner, we went through a time warp when we visited Ground Kontrol, an arcade with almost entirely old school 80s games. Bald Bull still kicks my ass in Punch-Out.

Some impressions of Portland and stuff I did, in neat bulleted form:

  • Powell’s is enormously huge. I mean, you can read about how big it is, but HOLY CLACKAMAS it’s gigantic. I bought so many Theodore Roethke-related books, most of which I had never even seen before. Also kind of cool: they said they consistently sell out of Vegan With a Vengeance. Indeed, they were fresh out when we visited.
  • Everyday Music is also quite huge. The one we visited wasn’t quite the “Amoeba of Portland” I was expecting, but still big, big, big.
  • Josh and Michelle and two of the nicest people on the planet. And Ruby is freaking adorable. She loves her some oyster crackers.
  • Summer and her family are also awesome. In fact, everybody in Portland is awesome. Even the bus drivers.
  • Portland is the only city I’ve visited where I’ve thought, “I could live here.” Usually, in a place like New York, I have a great time but am totally worn out and ready to leave the hustle and bustle after five or six days. But tonight on my way to the airport I thought, “I’m not ready to leave. I want to do more stuff.”
  • I was so excited to visit the smallest park in the world, but when I got there, there was all sorts of construction underway and the park was nowhere to be seen (I looked all around for the temporary relocation and couldn’t find it). Damn! It’s so small, it’s invisible.
  • By the end of my trip, I felt pretty comfortable getting around Portland. The bus is still a little tricky, but I rented a car today to drive to Salem and also drove around the city like I owned the place.
  • Portland is very vegan-, bike-, and runner-friendly. Shoot, it’s friendly, period.

An unbelievable number of pictures are forthcoming. I took several hundred, including a couple of short movies. More words later, too.

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