Last night was the Potomac River Running Twilight Festival Four-Miler, a race scheduled to end the Old Dominion (beer) Festival in Ashburn, VA. Even though it was raining throughout the day yesterday, the web site announced that the race would take place rain or shine and that it would only be cancelled in the case of lightning. So, I laced up the shoes, headed out of the house with a splitting headache, barely able to walk, but ready to run.I got there and the downpours were getting progressively heavier. Heavy rain fell with only brief pauses, just enough to get everyone’s hopes up. Despite the incredibly nasty weather, hundreds of people showed up ready to run. Right around race time, 7:45pm, they were trying to decide whether to have the race or not. Thunder and lightning was getting more frequent and the rain wasn’t letting up. Someone in the crowd yelled out, “Let us run… before we get hit by lightning!”

After two delays, at 8:10 they announced the race was cancelled (with, unfortunately, no refunds) since another nine or ten lines of lightning were on their way in from the west. Tired, soaked, and headachy, I headed back home. After eating dinner, my headache got progressively worse until it was borderline migraine. I collapsed on the couch for three hours and felt a bit better before getting up to go to bed.

And on Saturday we spent too much money at Ikea.