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She’s here!

Niece #3 has arrived! Congrats, Stace!

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Random thought

A lot of wrestlers used ot be announced as being from “parts unknown” and with “weight unknown.” That’s kind of odd. I mean, couldn’t they have just checked where the paychecks were being sent? And how hard is to get a dude on the scale, even if it’s The Missing Link.

My peeps

The infamous Maury entry has nearly 600 comments (!) and I’ve received another several hundred e-mails that never see the light of day. And last Saturday, I was interviewed for People Magazine.

But, get this, the writer asked me about Maury, but nothing about how I am Maury. Just about what it was like to be a guest on his show. Six years ago. What the heck? Whatever the case, nothing I said made it to print, but hey, I’ll always have this.



Yesterday I ran the third annual Poplar Spring Run for the Animals 5k. The first one back in 2004 was the race that got me motivated to actually start running, and though I’ve been sporadic in my so-called “training,” I’ve been pleased with how my endurance and speed has improved over the years, even if the changes have been gradual. This year I finished with an official time of about 26:10 (actual time of 26:02, I think), well over a minute faster than the last two years. It’s far from a personal best, but the course itself is quite hilly, making it way more difficult than the very fast, flat course of the Stupid Little 5k.

Above is a shot of me crossing the finish line (looking in serious pain, though I was actually feeling pretty good) finishing just behind someone else. She’s vegan (or so her shirt says), so it’s OK she beat me. I’ve got a full photoset to check out and will post the official results here when they’re released.

(By the way, the 64-year-old woman I mentioned last year? She was there again this year. This time I smoked her! TAKE THAT, FAST OLD PERSON!)

Happy Birthday to The Girl

Birthday Girl

Happy 5th birthday to our girl! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we brought you home, Amina, and in that time so much has happened. You’ve become a part of our pack, constantly cracking us up with your quirky behaviors (seriously, what’s up with whining every morning at 4am, waking me up and staring at me right in the face… you don’t have to do that if you want to jump into bed! It’s kind of creepy.). For the first month or so, you were extremely jumpy on walks around the neighborhood, flinching any time a car drove by. You were also really afraid of men, going so far as to avoid my dad and growl at him the first time he visited. You’ve gotten so much better, walking confidently and wanting to visit every person you see on our walks.

We love having you around, girlie! And we’ll get you a birthday cupcake this week, promise (the store was closed today).

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YGz and WBB

I may be the only person in the world who would make this connection so quickly, but when I saw the album cover on the right I thought to myself, “My God, that’s a rip off from the YGz’s album cover from 1993!”

YGz, 1993
Wild Brooklyn Bandits, 1998

I mean, two guys in front of a chain link fence, same angle, left guy in both wearing a hood and the right guy in both wearing a hat.