The Stupid Little 5k Results from April were posted, something I didn’t realize until recently because the front page still says the results are “coming this week.” In any event, I placed 15/38 overall and 13/24 amongs males. Not outstanding, but decent. And I was first (out of four) in my age group and ran at an 8:15 official pace. Most interesting comes courtesy of the race’s strange statistics:

Most even split times

… Five others missed running even splits by just one second– including Ryan MacMichael, who managed this feat twice (in the 2005 and 2006 5Ks)!

If nothing else, it can be said that I run a very even-paced race!

The Poplar Spring results show I was actually about 21 seconds off of where I thought I finished. I placed 66/246 overall and 51/121 amongst males.

Next up: the Potomac River Running Twilight Festival 4-Miler at the end of June.