Over on Kelli’s blog, she responded to an interview meme where she answered questions asked by a high school friend of her husband’s. She put out a call for others to participate and since things have been pretty dry around these parts recently, I raised my hand. Here are her questions for me and my responses. (If you’d like to participate, leave a note in the comments and I’ll hit you up with five questions for you to answer on your blog/LJ/whatever/favorite men’s room wall.)

1) What is your favorite Metro stop and why?

I don’t ride the Metro all that much. I like getting on at Dunn Loring, but that’s not exactly an exciting spot, though it is close to Mr. Hurtshimselfalot. I like taking the Metro to Dupont Circle because it’s so close to so many things (Sticky Fingers!), but I think the coolest station itself is probably the one by the Smithsonian with the escalator that feels like it’s a thousand miles high.

2) Have you ever travelled overseas? where? What’s your favorite place to visit in the US?

Once to Vietnam. I went with my wife (then, girlfriend) her and mother for a month. We stayed with her family in Can Tho and travelled throughout the southern part of the country, including Saigon, Da Lat, and Tay Ninh.

My favorite place in the US… hm. I can’t get enough of New York City. Other than that, I’m not sure… I have a lot of places I want to go, though.

3) What was your major in college? What area of study would you have otherwise selected as a major?

I was a computer science major. If I were to go back to college now for a second degree, it would probably be in religious studies (I’m not much of a religious person, but I do find world religions particularly interesting) or sociology. I briefly considered a double-major in journalism when I was applying to colleges and kind of wish I had gone through with it.

4) How did you initially get into running? Do you enjoy it? In a perfect week, how often/far would you hope to run?

Can’t say I ever really got into running. As a kid, I was always the fastest kid in my class, but hated running distances. In recent years, though, I started running because it was the one way to exercise that I could do on my own, outside that I could occasionally compete in but mainly focus on as a way to stay healthy. I’ve grown to enjoy it more as my endurance has increased. In a perfect week, I’d love to run four times for a total of 20-30 miles. I’ve never even gotten close to that… I’m a very sporadic runner, though I’m starting to get the momentum back up now. By the end of next month, I’ll have run three races this year.

There are a few things that really motivate me, though. First, races. They give me a goal. Second, my Garmin Forerunner. It allows me to geek out on stats. Third, Runners World. It’s a decent magazine and it gives me a little kick in the pants each month to get back out there.

Oh, and I love running on the W&OD Trail. Way more than running through the neighborhood.

5) List one thing you’d like to finish in the next, oh say…4 months?!? ;)

Heh. There are about a thousand things I’m planning to complete before, say, September 17th. But I guess one thing is that I’d really like to get a new album recorded. I’m making decent progress towards it, but need to pick up the pace a bit.