Over the past few weeks, this site has been suspended by my host because of Movable Type and SQL going nuts and taking over too many server resources. It’s pretty sad, really. I mean, yeah, I’m Maury and the source for all information about the choking game, but I don’t really get that much traffic. However, I do get nailed with comment spam and it was seriously clogging up my database.

My “junk” folder of comment spam had grown to almost 170,000 messages and was not getting purged. So, I ran a manual purge on it and took it down from 620 megs (!) to 30 megs. Things should be ultra-zippy now.

I’ve also implemented a few other features to hopefully help throttle at least some comment spammers before they can even execute the script. If this means you’re unable to comment when you try, let me know.