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  • “The site is very simple, you sign up and are given a friend chosen randomly. Next, you have 4 days to get to know this person before you are asked to make a decision whether to keep them as your friend.” Interesting concept. [via Meredith]
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  • A nice looking non-official page for The Man.

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The News

So, there’s some news I’ve avoided mentioning on this blog (aside from some brief allusions). For some of you, you’ve found out privately, but there may still be some folks left that don’t know that Huyen and I are expecting our first, a baby girl due in mid-September.

It’s been a pretty crazy last few months, gearing up and preparing for the new arrival. It’s like having nine months to prepare for a visitor that’s going to come and stay until she’s 18. Or much, much longer.

Anyway, just wanted to share that one piece of news. Now you have a little context to the happy mayhem.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Amina is taking it all in stride.

(There’s a separate baby blog where Huyen and I are discussing all things baby. It’s currently password protected, but e-mail me if you want access.)

You make my heart race

The Stupid Little 5k Results from April were posted, something I didn’t realize until recently because the front page still says the results are “coming this week.” In any event, I placed 15/38 overall and 13/24 amongs males. Not outstanding, but decent. And I was first (out of four) in my age group and ran at an 8:15 official pace. Most interesting comes courtesy of the race’s strange statistics:

Most even split times

… Five others missed running even splits by just one second– including Ryan MacMichael, who managed this feat twice (in the 2005 and 2006 5Ks)!

If nothing else, it can be said that I run a very even-paced race!

The Poplar Spring results show I was actually about 21 seconds off of where I thought I finished. I placed 66/246 overall and 51/121 amongst males.

Next up: the Potomac River Running Twilight Festival 4-Miler at the end of June.

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Over on Kelli’s blog, she responded to an interview meme where she answered questions asked by a high school friend of her husband’s. She put out a call for others to participate and since things have been pretty dry around these parts recently, I raised my hand. Here are her questions for me and my responses. (If you’d like to participate, leave a note in the comments and I’ll hit you up with five questions for you to answer on your blog/LJ/whatever/favorite men’s room wall.)

1) What is your favorite Metro stop and why?

I don’t ride the Metro all that much. I like getting on at Dunn Loring, but that’s not exactly an exciting spot, though it is close to Mr. Hurtshimselfalot. I like taking the Metro to Dupont Circle because it’s so close to so many things (Sticky Fingers!), but I think the coolest station itself is probably the one by the Smithsonian with the escalator that feels like it’s a thousand miles high.

2) Have you ever travelled overseas? where? What’s your favorite place to visit in the US?

Once to Vietnam. I went with my wife (then, girlfriend) her and mother for a month. We stayed with her family in Can Tho and travelled throughout the southern part of the country, including Saigon, Da Lat, and Tay Ninh.

My favorite place in the US… hm. I can’t get enough of New York City. Other than that, I’m not sure… I have a lot of places I want to go, though.

3) What was your major in college? What area of study would you have otherwise selected as a major?

I was a computer science major. If I were to go back to college now for a second degree, it would probably be in religious studies (I’m not much of a religious person, but I do find world religions particularly interesting) or sociology. I briefly considered a double-major in journalism when I was applying to colleges and kind of wish I had gone through with it.

4) How did you initially get into running? Do you enjoy it? In a perfect week, how often/far would you hope to run?

Can’t say I ever really got into running. As a kid, I was always the fastest kid in my class, but hated running distances. In recent years, though, I started running because it was the one way to exercise that I could do on my own, outside that I could occasionally compete in but mainly focus on as a way to stay healthy. I’ve grown to enjoy it more as my endurance has increased. In a perfect week, I’d love to run four times for a total of 20-30 miles. I’ve never even gotten close to that… I’m a very sporadic runner, though I’m starting to get the momentum back up now. By the end of next month, I’ll have run three races this year.

There are a few things that really motivate me, though. First, races. They give me a goal. Second, my Garmin Forerunner. It allows me to geek out on stats. Third, Runners World. It’s a decent magazine and it gives me a little kick in the pants each month to get back out there.

Oh, and I love running on the W&OD Trail. Way more than running through the neighborhood.

5) List one thing you’d like to finish in the next, oh say…4 months?!? ;)

Heh. There are about a thousand things I’m planning to complete before, say, September 17th. But I guess one thing is that I’d really like to get a new album recorded. I’m making decent progress towards it, but need to pick up the pace a bit.

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Trimming the database

Over the past few weeks, this site has been suspended by my host because of Movable Type and SQL going nuts and taking over too many server resources. It’s pretty sad, really. I mean, yeah, I’m Maury and the source for all information about the choking game, but I don’t really get that much traffic. However, I do get nailed with comment spam and it was seriously clogging up my database.

My “junk” folder of comment spam had grown to almost 170,000 messages and was not getting purged. So, I ran a manual purge on it and took it down from 620 megs (!) to 30 megs. Things should be ultra-zippy now.

I’ve also implemented a few other features to hopefully help throttle at least some comment spammers before they can even execute the script. If this means you’re unable to comment when you try, let me know.