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Best Magazines EVAR

I hereby declare:

HVAC question

So I’ve got a question for fellow home-owners out there…

This morning, we got up and it was mighty chilly in the house. I checked the thermostat and, indeed, it was showing 62 even though it’s set at 70. I played around with the thermostat a bit, trying to force it on by switching from AUTO to FAN, taking it to air conditioning and dropping the temp, turning it on and back off, etc. Each time, I’d hear the “click” on the thermostat, but nothing would kick in from the basement. A while back, the igniter had failed, but in that case, the fan was still blowing (very, very cold) air. This time, nothing was happening.

Last night I switched the filter and I figure it’s been not working since that time. So, I went to the basement and took off and then replaced both panels on the heater and even took the filter out and put it back in. Still nothing.

Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

(The one thing I haven’t tried is manually holding in the little button on the heater that the bottom panel is supposed to depress. Going to try that tonight.)

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Bad husband

Stupid move: take a car into work. Leave your wife at home with the other car, but keep both keys to the other car on your keyring.


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