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Happy birthday, wifey!

My wifey is 30,
said a little birdie.

Happy birthday to the only woman in the world who can put up with me. Welcome to the old-timers club.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to my mom, the only xx-year-old (you’re welcome, Mom) I know who could still pass for her college portrait.

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Another car update you won’t read

Monday Huyen’s car was picked up for donation. We took the car out for one last drive around and, of course, it ran better than it has in the last two months. Nevertheless, it’s nice that it’s done and over with.

Now, time to focus on my car. After entirely too many visits, unreturned phone calls, and sent faxes, I finally have dropped off my car today to be fixed. Hopefully it’ll all go smoothly without any more hassles. The place I chose is nice because they have a location not far from my work and they also have a Hertz rep right in the office to rent out cars (which is also covered by my insurance). However, after the paperwork for my car was taken care of (which took all of ten minutes), it took over an hour and 15 minutes to rent a car. Why is that, you ask?

  • 20-30 minutes waiting for either Hertz rep to get back to his desk. He was out. Somewhere.
  • 10 minutes to wait for the woman in front of me to go through her life story and then change her mind and not even rent a car
  • 15 minutes to wait for the Hertz guy to take a phone call from another customer, which kept him from finishing his conversation with my insurance company. He put State Farm on hold for so long, they hung up on him.
  • Another 30 minutes to go through the actual rental process.

But, I’m all set until it’s time to pick up my car. It’s going to be nice to not have it snow on me while I drive, even though my window’s closed.

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Lichee Tea

Back in college when I was first getting into loose teas, one of the first ones I bought was a Chinese black Lichee Tea that I found somewhere… during my first trip to Eden with Huyen and Thuy, I think. It tasted nothing like the lychee fruits I had come to know and love, but it was still distinct enough from regular ol’ black tea to be noticeable. Over a couple-year period, I worked my way through a small tin.

Fast forward to post-graduation. I’m shopping at an Asian market across the street from my (then new) job and find a huge tin of the same tea. I buy it and put it on my shelf at work. Over the next seven years, I drink it maybe twice. No reason I slowed my intake of it, we just grew apart. It happens all the time between men and their tea.

This morning, I re-noticed the tin on my shelf. You know how when something’s sitting in one place for so long, that you look right past it and don’t even notice it’s there anymore? Hence the re-noticing. I was surprised when I opened the tightly sealed tin that not only was there 98% of the tea left in there, but that it still had a nice scent. A bit fainter than if it were fresh, but it was still there. Not bad for a cheap tea.

I’m enjoying my third cup of the day. It’s like rediscovering an old friend. I feel like I’m sitting in my dorm room in Madison Hall, watching kung fu movies while sitting in Huyen’s extra taped-up bean bag chair, drinking my lichee tea brewed with crappy water in my $10 hot pot. Memories. Sweet misty tea-water colored memories.

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Car update

The new car’s been working out great. We love it.

We’re donating Huyen’s old car. It’s being picked up Monday.

My car’s not fixed yet… still waiting for the insurance check. State Farm’s been very nice and very helpful, but holy God they’re slow. I’ve driven the Kia into work the last couple of days and thankfully the door hasn’t shown any signs that it’ll pop open while driving. Actually, just the opposite. Today at work, I was unable to shoulder-budge the door open and had to climb out of the passenger’s side. Quite a sight, I assure you.

In non-car news, yesterday our dog walker didn’t disable our alarm when she went in. It went off, I was called at work about the alarm going off and asked if I wanted ADT to call the police. I told them no because I suspected something had weird had happened, and I was correct, thankfully. Lordy Lordy.

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