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What entertainment item you?

Go to and search on your name. What entertainment item are you most closely connected with? Me? The DVD set of The Biggest Loser, Volume One. Matt Haughey’s was even better: Golden Girls season 4.

I smell a meme!

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  • I’m not linking this up because I’m saying “hahaha look at the funny Christian looking pa nub!” but just because this is the most detailed personal ad I’ve ever seen. (via COD)
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The Last Week Summed Up In 16-Word Bullet Points

  • Saturday: Foot doc appointment to confirm glass removal. All’s good. Dinner at Vegetate with Viren. Very windy.
  • Sunday: Farm was freaking cold. House cleaning. Recouperating after a long week. Naps ensued. Cursed lost shingles.
  • Monday: Had to work. Considered joining Greencine. Lunch with Rob. Mailed out some stuff for Let Live.
  • Tuesday: A very ARGH morning. Joined Greencine. Made really tasty orange chocolate chunk cookies. Watched American Idol.
  • Wednesday: Made too many online orders for things. One of them arrived less than 20 hours later.
  • Thursday: Forgot to post this, so I needed to add an extra day. Discovered Skalpel. Made beats.

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