FIrst thing’s first: if you’re seeing this, then the server move is complete. The last week or so has been a real mess… the final straw with my original host was losing an entire day’s worth of e-mail because of a bug in the cpanel system that’s come up a number of times before. Things at the new host have been rough, too… getting a responsive transfer of my domains from their service deparment has been slow going. I have high hopes, though, once everything’s up and running. I’ve got loads and loads of space and bandwidth to play around with now.

As you may know, I host a nice chunk of domains (too many, actually… I need to cut back). I have them split between two different hosts so that in case one goes down, I’ll always have another to at least handle e-mail and such. It feels like every year or so I switch hosts or servers and it almost always happens because of a decline in the quality of customer service and performance of the physical server.

Last night we pet sat for our neighbors’ Boston Terriers. The plan was to have the two pups over our place for the night, but it proved to be a poor plan. The younger of the two went berserk in her new environment, so Huyen slept over at their house with the two dogs and I stuck around ours with Amina. At one point, when it was just me with the three dogs, the two Bostons were wrestling on the floor. Amina was sitting nearby watching and I was standing in the kitchen just laughing at how goofy they were being. Amina and I made eye contact and I could tell we were both thinking, “Sigh… these kids.” She reacted well to having them in the house, though, which is good since two nights earlier she let out a trio of loud barks (!) when she got annoyed with them. She was also good this morning when Adicus, a Schnauzer from down the street that had gotten loose, came in while we called his people.

December’s been pretty busy. Our favorite tree farm (Heron Pond Farm) is closed this year, so we opted for a pre-cut tree from a nearby nursery. It’s kind of a cop-out, but for one year, it’s cool. Decorating has been spread out over a few days.

We headed up to New Jersey last weekend so I could pick up my car–the one that gave me trouble during my long trip last month. There’s something about the New Jersey woods in the fall time… I haven’t gotten that same vibe… that smell and feel in the air… anywhere in Virginia yet.