This is one of those experiences that afterwards I turned to Huyen and said, “Blog entry.” She agreed.

On Friday night we were heading down to Huyen’s stepfather’s place on Smith Mountain Lake for Christmas. She and I packed into the car with her mom and Amina. We got on the road late and didn’t make it there until 1am. About 30 minutes before midnight, we stopped off at one of Virginia’s infamous rest stops for a quick break and to let Amina stretch her legs.

As I came out of the men’s room, I saw a man standing and talking with Huyen about Amina. When I went into the men’s room, he was talking to someone else about their dog. I joined the conversation and he told us about how he was working on a book called How to Please Your Pet. I nodded politely and smalltalked for a bit more while Huyen got Amina back into the car. He asked me, “Do you like good books?” and before I could answer, headed back to his pick-up truck and grabbed something for me.

That something was a copy of his first book, How to Please a Woman. His second book, How to Please a Man is coming soon, with the pet edition to follow that.

“I’m sure you guys will get something out of that,” he said, pointing to the book. “And you know what the number one most important thing is in a relationship? Communication.” Not exactly a groundbreaking realization, but at least he didn’t say something like, “Hot, steamy, wild sex!” because I don’t think I could have taken that kind of advice standing mere feet away from a gross restroom.

I shook his hand and we went our separate ways. Considering how creepy it is to be handed a complimentary book (at a rest stop, no less) that explicitly details how to please a woman, he was actually a nice enough guy. Perhaps I should take notes from his marketing plan when it comes time to sell my book…