I worked the polls as an election officer again yesterday. We ran into some difficulties with the Diebold machine and ended up having to sort through 1000+ ballots finding write-ins that weren’t properly sorted, but all-in-all the day went well with no major issues.

Tim Kaine won the governor’s spot, which is good, I guess. As I told Huyen, both he and Kilgore (and Potts) bite my ass, but Kaine just nibbles a little more lightly. I am bummed that Leslie Byrne lost (just barely, by under 30,000 votes in a race with 2,000,000 votes cast) because she was the only candidate from either party that hasn’t totally crapped on gay rights.

In any event, pretty non-evenutful and unexciting. But after spending a week driving 1400 miles (and my car overheating on the Cross-Bronx Expressway) and only getting a few hours of sleep, it was pretty hard staying awake for the full 16 1/2 hours I worked yesterday.