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If you sent me e-mail anytime after Monday at 6:30pm, please resend.


Paul: You should’ve done that on Cyber Monday.

Ryan: Ah, yes. The most Stupidly Named Day of the year.

Paul: On the news last night, it was reported that retailers demanded it be called Cyber Monday.

Paul: “Uh, no!”

Ryan: Hah!

Ryan: And isn’t “Cyber” also short for “Cybersex”?

Ryan: “Wanna cyber?” “Yeah, on Monday.”

Hypothetical question

Do you think that tea (accidentally) left to steep for four days might be a bit strong?


We’re going to be sticking around for the holidays, so I wanted to extend an invitation to any friends or regular readers in the area: if you’re not visiting family but would like to have a casual Thanksgiving Day dinner on Thursday, drop us a line.

This offer does not extend to people who I’ve never talked to before, at least on e-mail. :)

Happy Birthday, Robin!

Happy birthday to the ever-famous Chris O’Donnell, who’s celebrating today. I just got back from lunch with him, the first time in over a year (I think) since we last saw each other.

He and Scott will be joining the fray this weekend over at ADDreviews.

Then he lifted me off the ground

For no other reason than because I can — me with a pigeon on my head:

A bird on the head is worth...

Meditation’s effect on the brain

BoingBoing points to a neat article in New Scientist that discusses a new study that shows how meditation has a physical effect on the mind. I’ve always enjoyed meditation not for its mystical spiritual aspects or any religious connection, but solely for the physical effect that it has in calming me down and slowing down the thoughts bouncing around in my head.

Random thought

“Tumble Dry High” would be a great band name.

Wrath of Kaine

I worked the polls as an election officer again yesterday. We ran into some difficulties with the Diebold machine and ended up having to sort through 1000+ ballots finding write-ins that weren’t properly sorted, but all-in-all the day went well with no major issues.

Tim Kaine won the governor’s spot, which is good, I guess. As I told Huyen, both he and Kilgore (and Potts) bite my ass, but Kaine just nibbles a little more lightly. I am bummed that Leslie Byrne lost (just barely, by under 30,000 votes in a race with 2,000,000 votes cast) because she was the only candidate from either party that hasn’t totally crapped on gay rights.

In any event, pretty non-evenutful and unexciting. But after spending a week driving 1400 miles (and my car overheating on the Cross-Bronx Expressway) and only getting a few hours of sleep, it was pretty hard staying awake for the full 16 1/2 hours I worked yesterday.

Earning my IMDB entry

Cannibal Holocaust extra screencap

The amazing Cannibal Holocaust DVD has finally been released, after being in production for over four years. This brutal, sicko classic is one of the few movies that leaves even the most jaded horror fan with their jaw on the floor. I hate hate HATE the totally unnecessary, extraneous scenes of animal violence in the film and thankfully, they’ve included an “animal cruelty free” version of the movie on the disc as well.

But, my connection with this movie goes a bit deeper. During one of the many Exhumed Films showings that I used to attend with regularity, they debuted the remastered print of CH. That night, they shot footage as an extra for the DVD and, sure enough, it’s there. It’s a hidden easter egg (go to disc 2, final screen of the DVD credits, press the down arrow, and the click the skull), but it’s still there, and it’s a blast. There’s a screencap above and if you want to grab the 55 meg Xvid AVI, I’ll leave it up there for a few days (if you need the Xvid codec, get it here). I appear at least three times (once throwing up the devil horns, once in a really lame interview, and once in the audience), but the real reason that I love this extra is that it totally captures the essence of the old Exhumed Films showings. It was great to see all those faces that I haven’t seen in a couple of years and I realized how much I miss those showings. Driving up after work, meeting Ryder (who’s standing next to me in the video) at a diner for dinner, and then watching a double (or triple, or more) feature of exploitation and horror gems until the wee hours of the morning. Always good times, especially with the huge bucket of Coke in my lap that I’d use illegally from show to show for free refills.

We’re also briefly in one other extra, footage from Cult-Con 2000 (aka “the conference where Goblin stole my camera“).

Lastly, one more piece of movie-related news. It’s been two years since my starring extra role in Return to Sleepaway Camp and a few people have asked me, “So when’s the damn movie coming out, already?” The word is that it should be out early in the new year and there’s just some last minute CGI stuff being done at this point. The trailers I’ve seen look pretty cool, especially one shot of a person’s head being squashed underneath the back wheel of a car.