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10,000 Tunes

Yesterday I hit 10,000 tunes on my profile., in case you’re wondering, keeps track of all the music that you listen to and then aggregates it into a useful format. Anything I play at work gets automatically catalogged, as does anything I listen to on my home PC. Of course, anything played in my car or home stereo isn’t counted.

I signed up with on June 18, 2003, so it took a little under 2 1/2 years to hit the 10,000 song mark. And now, for some meaningless statistics.

The top ten artists I’ve listened to:

  1. Wes Montgomery – One week, I listened to his full 12-disc set, which is where this huge number comes from.
  2. Archie Shepp – No surprise here.
  3. Half Pint – Nor here.
  4. DJ Krush
  5. Sly & Robbie
  6. Dr. Octagon – Combined with #10 (same person, different persona), Kool Keith actually bumps up to #2.
  7. Made Out of Babies – Impressive since their album just came out this year. I rarely replay an album so frequently in such a short time span.
  8. Masta Ace (tie)
  9. 7L & Esoteric (tie) – Very surprising as I didn’t think I listened to them that much.
  10. Kool Keith

I listen to my own tracks somewhat frequently, but not too much. I ranked tied for #50 with Del, Saafir, and Ranee Lee, three artists I can’t believe aren’t ranked higher.

A list of other favorite artists I thought would be ranked in the top 10 and where they’re actually ranked:

  • Magic Sam (14)
  • Yat-Kha (42)
  • Chino XL (188)
  • Spearhead (86)
  • Raheem (75)
  • Robotobibok (27)

I wish it had an export function (well, an explicit one, at least) so that I could chart the number of tracks I’ve listened to per day. Alas, you’ll have to do without.

Recap for your treesap

My birthday weekend was nice… came home from work early on Friday and did what all old men do: took a nap.

Huyen made a killer saffron risotto with roasted veggies for dinner and veganized my mom’s World Famous Black Magic Cake. Good stuff.

Worked the farm on Saturday, watched some movies, ran a gorgeous section of the W&OD trail, and took some more naps.


A belated, but no less large, congratulations to Rob and Cathy who were married last weekend. The rain was coming down in sheets, but everything still went wonderfully from the ceremony to the reception. Pictures following soon (I’m way behind).


Lots of new horror reviews showing up over on ADDmovies for October.


This morning it was 52 degrees and absolutely clear outside. It was The Perfect Weather.


Stupid entry… over.

NPR on C. Delores Tucker

NPR’s rememberance of C. Delores Tucker, which uses a segment of my interview with Ms. Tucker (no credit’s given, so you’ll have to take my word for it, or download the previously linked MP3 of the full interview).

Happy Burpday to Me!

As of a few minutes ago, I officially left my 20s behind. Oddly, at exactly 10:18am, my entire head of hair turned grey and I started complaining, “I need a nap. Where are my pills?”

A few people I share my birthday with:

And since I have an IMDB entry, I show up on this page. Famous actors represent!

C. Delores Tucker Dies

C. Delores Tucker Dies at 78

Tucker, a civil rights activist, was most well known in recent years for her anti-gangster rap activism, though her contributions went beyond her arguably misinformed efforts fighting Tupac.

In 1996, I interviewed Ms. Tucker for my college paper. In her memory, here is an MP3 of the interview (about six minutes and six megs). Pardon my poor, confrontational interview style, as I was still learning how to talk with celebrities and other well-known folk.

Here is the article I wrote.


I’ve been finding myself complaining more and more about how I’m “so far behind” on things. It’s been stressing me out and, really, I’ve even been annoying myself with my whining. “Shut up, fool,” I tell me.

I think part of the problem is that I’m terrible with meeting deadlines. It’s gotten to the point where people who need something from me know to give me a deadline a couple of weeks before they actually need it. But it’s not just meeting other people’s deadlines… setting my own deadlines ends in the same result. With this book I’ve been working on, I’ve shifted my first two major milestones four times already because I keep missing my target date (in this case, fortunately, it’s not because I’ve been slacking, but because I’ve had to focus time on other aspects of the book).

I’ve been taking steps to simplify and cut back on the amount of things I try to do so I can do what’s left better (hence the death of the UA Journal earlier this year), but then I just end up adding some new project to take my attention in yet another direction. I’ve tried a bunch of different tools to help me keep up with things. Tadalist works well as a nice, simple “things to do this weekend” checklist. Basecamp has been invaluable in the book-writing process as has my oh-so-trendy-and-analog Moleskine. Backpack has been useful in helping me organize ideas about web projects. My personal wiki (now running PmWiki) captures everything else.

All of these tools have helped me to keep all these disparate projects, thoughts, lists, and ideas somewhat organized, but there still aren’t enough hours in the day.

Then, last night it hit me: stop worrying about it so much. Especially the self-imposed deadlines. If I’m not going to hit them anyway, I need to just accept it. Things will get done when they get done.

The more I think about it, my new mantra makes more sense: “If it doesn’t matter to my dog, then it probably doesn’t matter.”

The Best Man Blogs

Another friend joins the blogging fray: Ryder’s open eyes, open mouth, which, thusfar, includes the scariest passport picture ever taken.

People From My Blogroll That I Miss

  • Mike
  • Sunil
  • I was going to say Rachel, but look — she’s back… and pregnant!
  • Rob
  • Barbara
  • Inez
  • Mecawilson — been gone so long, he fell off the blogroll… thank goodness I downloaded his entire site before he disappeared… Matt Wilson, where are you, brudda?

Also, the blogroll needs a serious cleaning and updating. Will have to do that this weekend.

A new nephew or niece

Congrats to Stace, Matt, and the girls on the new addition (not New Edition) to their family due in May 2006!

I hearby propose that the baby is named “Fonzie” whether a boy or a girl.

(This was an actual recommendation I made to my parents when I was a kid.)