Saturday a group of us gathered at the Nationals-Phils game to celebrate Rob’s exit from bachelorhood. It was a great game that went 13 innings, and even though I was rooting for the Phils, I was quietly happy that the Nationals won for Rob. After all, it seems like just yesterday I was warning him not to hook up with the girl that gave me mono during our freshman year of college. And it seems like just a few hours ago that we were sharing an apartment in Fredericksburg or a townhouse in Falls Church, coaching our team to many a championship. Now he’s found a wonderful young lady who he’ll be sharing his life with. He’s all growned up.

Sunday, Huyen and I went to a potluck at the PVF farm in Vienna, which meant lots of great food and a fun tour of the farm and the Blueberry Hill community. Yesterday, we went up to Gambrill State Park in Maryland for a nice hike.

And something I learned this weekend: I still look young. Sure, I enter “old man-hood” next month, but my ego was boosted when a girl in high school asked me if I was in college. She even did me the favor of looking surprised when I told her I had graduated in ’98. Of course, when I walked through my former middle school a year or two ago, I was also the shortest person there, so I guess I shouldn’t really be too surprised that I can still pass for college age.