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Boring Blog

This blog has been pretty quiet for the last few months… a few stray “what’s up with my life”-type postings and not much else. What’s weird is that I feel like I don’t know what to post anymore. This is only my ninth post of the month, but in September 2001, I posted 90 times (granted, those were special circumstances, but even in the following year, I was over 40).

So, there are a few categories of possible content:

  • Stuff I already write about… Life updates, stupid posts like this one, etc.
  • Stuff I write about elsewherevegblog-type stuff, Progeria stuff
  • Stuff I can’t really write about… Work, intimate family details, etc.
  • Interests that I assume no one else cares about

It’s this last one that I’m thinking I need to re-evaluate. I have a lot of obsessions that I don’t really write much about any more… horror movies, diner culture, random little tech things, tea snob stuff, projects at home, stories about people attending their own funerals, stuff like that. Maybe I need to start writing more about these things, even if I worry that people aren’t interested in them.

I mean, some of the most interesting stuff I read on blogs aren’t the things I’m already interested in. For instance, I’m not homeschooling my kids at the moment (what kids?), but I enjoy reading Chris’ daily thoughts whether I agree with him or not. It’s an insight into something I don’t know much about. Same with Meredith’s posts about interpreting and deaf culture. For instance, now I know to never, ever ask an interpreter if they’re “in training”. I’m not a SAHM, but Dooce and my sister are always making me laugh. I find myself disagreeing with Tino quite frequently, but love his angle on customer service, because he’s really passionate about it.

Maybe if I start writing more frequently about these disparate interests of mine, no matter what the topic is, this place will feel a little less stale.

What say you? For those of you that have read the site for years, is there anything I’ve slacked off on in recent years that you miss? More posts like this? Or this? This? This?

Happy Birthday, Big Poppa!

August 1979

Happy birthday to my dad, who turns the big six-zero today. Holy crap you’re old, Dad. I wonder what it’s like for Mom having to living with such an old guy. Especially one that keeps doing those annoying imaginary golf swings when he talks.

But he’s the best old guy I know. :)

(Birthday wishes also go out to Matt Wright, John Rath and his mom, and Michelle.)

So Sleepy

I feel like I’m subconsciously trying to regain some of my college self back. In the last week, I’ve been up until at least 2:30am twice on work nights.

Last Thursday I went to see the Easy Star All-Stars live version of Dub Side of the Moon for the third time. This time, though, they were shooting for an upcoming DVD release. The show was great, with openers Dub is a Weapon impressing everybody in attendance. It was good to see Eric and Lem again, but I didn’t get home until a little after 2am, which made Friday a tough day to get through at work.

Then, last night I stayed up transcribing a phone interview I did and writing a book review. While Huyen slept, I sat on the front porch making use of my wireless card, typing away. Didn’t get to bed until 3am. Starting to feel the effects now, post-lunch.

Other weekend fun included Barktoberfest, which Amina loved.

There’s a busy week ahead, but it should be a fun one.

The one difference between yesterday and today

Today, I remembered to wear socks.

My stupid little sister starts blogging

It’s about time: my sister has a blog.

A lot of the things you read here will make more sense when you see what who I grew up with.

(Just kidding, Stace!)

Proof that you can Freecycle anything

I’ve started the monumental task of cleaning and organizing our basement, an area of our house that has been seriously neglected since we moved in. It’s been the “oh, just toss it there” place for way too much junk, especially empty boxes (“We just need to hold onto it for a month until the return period has passed”). Over the past year or two, I’ve recycled or broken down most of the empty boxes, so now I’m working my way through the many other boxes that have found their way into the basement, including quite a few that were relocated from my parents’ basement.

I came across one large box, the box for my 17″ CRT monitor (yes, Paul, yours), and was a bit surprised when I looked inside and saw nothing but packing peanuts. We’ve saved a bit of packing material since I send things out with some frequency since I prefer to reuse rather than purchase new stuff, but I had forgotten all about this gigantic box. Since we had plenty of other packing material and this was just taking up space, I decided to pitch it. Rather than fill a landfill with the un-eco-friendly peanuts, I decided to see if someone else could make use of them.

Sure enough, this morning someone nearby picked up the box after seeing the note I sent out to the local Freecycle list. I can now rest easy that should I find anything else that I’m tossing from the basement, I can Freecycle it and somebody will want it.

As a side note, did you know that a lot of people sell packing peanuts on ebay? Really, they do.

PILS (Person I’d Like to Strangle)

The people: Three men that work on a different floor in my building, myself, and a co-worker.

The place: The elevator of our building.

The time: After the men had just held a lobby door open for a young woman and her young child.

The elevator doors close. It’s quiet, until man #1 turns to the other two men.

Man #1: MILF. (pause) That’s all I’ve gotta say.

Man #2: Heh. That’s all you’ve gotta say.

Man #3: Been there, done that, got the t-shirt [ed. note: WTF?!].

The doors open to the third floor and the three men get out, laughing and grunting, testosterone dripping from their receding hairlines.

Me, to my co-worker:: Those are some sleazy fucking salespeople right there.

Seriously, what the hell? How brutish and rude was that? I mean, I guess most guys talk like this among friends, but when you’ve got two strangers in the elevator with you?

And, no, I don’t know that they were salespeople, but one of them fit the Laze Sleazy Salesperson Stereotype (receding hairline, button-down shirt unbuttoned to the point where one can see chest hair, sleeves rolled up, and khaki pants; note that one must have all four of these happening at one time to qualify as a Sleazy Salesperson).

Baby Face

Saturday a group of us gathered at the Nationals-Phils game to celebrate Rob’s exit from bachelorhood. It was a great game that went 13 innings, and even though I was rooting for the Phils, I was quietly happy that the Nationals won for Rob. After all, it seems like just yesterday I was warning him not to hook up with the girl that gave me mono during our freshman year of college. And it seems like just a few hours ago that we were sharing an apartment in Fredericksburg or a townhouse in Falls Church, coaching our team to many a championship. Now he’s found a wonderful young lady who he’ll be sharing his life with. He’s all growned up.

Sunday, Huyen and I went to a potluck at the PVF farm in Vienna, which meant lots of great food and a fun tour of the farm and the Blueberry Hill community. Yesterday, we went up to Gambrill State Park in Maryland for a nice hike.

And something I learned this weekend: I still look young. Sure, I enter “old man-hood” next month, but my ego was boosted when a girl in high school asked me if I was in college. She even did me the favor of looking surprised when I told her I had graduated in ’98. Of course, when I walked through my former middle school a year or two ago, I was also the shortest person there, so I guess I shouldn’t really be too surprised that I can still pass for college age.

To My Wifey Wife

Happy 4th anniversary to my favorite wife out of all my wives.