Since a blog is for pointless complaining, if nothing else, here are a few things that are annoying me at the moment:

  • People who think that a certain job is “below” them (see this for an example)
  • E-mails that have the entire note written in the subject line. If it’s more than four words, it takes just as much effort for me to open up the e-mail and read it as it would have if you just put the note in the body.
  • People who randomly pluralize things, like referring to Blockbuster as “Blockbusters.” This is akin to adding “the” to the beginning of a phrase where it doesn’t belong (ie. “Do you accept the E-Z Pass here?“).
  • Presidents of the United States whose supposed words of condolence are nothing more than blatant self-promoting “lookit all the good I’m doing!” PR fluff.