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The small things

Even though summer is my least favorite season, one thing I definitely enjoy is being able to get outside during the day, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

I generally eat my lunch in my office, door closed. Kind of antisocial and boring, I realize, but it’s what I’m used to. But this year, I’ve made it a point to take the last 20 or 25 minutes of my lunch to go outside, sit by the swampy manmade lake, and read. There’s a nice canopy of trees next to the lake that lets me read without having to squint, and even on hot days, there’s a decent little breeze. Surprisingly, it’s rare there are other people there, so I often have the four benches to myself and can read in peace. I find I’m much more ready to deal with the afternoon work period after having this quick outdoor respite.

I could never be God

I’ve been slowly entering birthdays into Sunbird for friends and family. For the “start date” I enter the person’s full birthdate, including year. But then I set it as a recurring event. The problem? I can’t decide how long it should recur! If I say “repeat forever” the person will never die, but if I set a number of years, I’m signing the person’s death warrant.

I can’t be trusted with that sort of responsibility.


Does anyone here read Chinese or know someone who does? I need a few small chunks of text (totals less than a page) translated. Hit me up.

Weekend Recap for Your Kneecap

My weekend was fine, thanks for asking.

Worked the farm on Saturday, finished early, and ate cake and cookies that some of the volunteers brought. Then went to see Land of the Dead with Dave, Alex, and Ellen. Sunday was all work, no play (well, almost — we did go to “bag day” at the Loudoun County book sale), taking care of stuff around the house in preparation for Huyen’s family who comes in town next Friday (cleaning rooms, doing laundry, painting the front porch, and about a thousand other things). Friday night we’re going out with her sister and her brother and brother’s girlfriend to see Patton Oswalt at the State Theatre. Should be fun.

We’re one week into our six week bunny-sitting gig. Amina’s getting along well with the bunny and hasn’t tried to eat him yet.

Also, in dog-related news: Oops… I Pooped! bags are great.

Lastly, I’m going to finally ditch my do and get this haircut instead.

Sleepaway Baby

[15:35] Ryan: you and kristy should know that your baby will be only a month younger than Angela’s:

[15:35] Ryan:

[15:37] Corey: is that “the” angela?

[15:37] Ryan: yup.

[15:37] Corey: the one on the right or on the left?? :P

[15:37] Ryan: they had their baby last week sometime

[15:37] Ryan: :)

[15:37] Corey: awesome. we should set up a playdate

[15:38] Ryan: how awesome would that be?

[15:41] Corey: don’t think i’d let her babysit though

[15:42] Ryan: she’s in the unique role that she could be both mother and father at the same time

[15:48] Corey: the ultimate single mom

If none of this makes any sense to you, get thee to the video store and rent Sleepaway Camp.


A list of lists.

Conspiracy in the making

Somebody snuck in my office this morning and threw away a Reese’s wrapper in my trash can. I’m pretty sure there’s a conspiracy afoot.

Reviewers Wanted

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for months now…

Over at ADDmovies and ADDreviews, it’s been kind of stagnant recently since there are only a few of us that have continued to post reviews there. I’d really like to see some new life breathed into those sites, so a while back I talked it over with the other folks who helped launched those sites and they agreed some new blood would be good.

I haven’t posted an official “help wanted” page yet on either site, but I wanted to give first shot to readers. If you fit these requirements, e-mail me with three or four sample reviews (movies for ADDmovies, music for ADDreviews):

  • You don’t mind working for free.
  • You are not the type to start a project and then let your participation fade a month later. *
  • You can actually write a 20-word review that communicates everything you feel about an album or movie (it’s harder than it sounds).
  • You have a very wide taste in music/movies and you listen to/watch them frequently.

Other considerations: on ADDreviews, we’re looking for someone with an expertise in some of the genres where there are gaps (blues, country, world, R&B/soul, folk, jazz). On ADDmovies, we’re looking for someone who sees a lot of mainstream films as soon as they come out.

All decisions will be made by the group, so just ’cause you know me doesn’t mean you’re in!

* ETA: I realized after posting this that I may sound like an ass because of that second bullet. This wasn’t meant as a shot at any of the current reviewers–I’ve been the same way–I just want to make sure that any “new blood” understands the possibility of burnout and that I will physically harm anyone who even thinks of burning out.

Print to e-mail!

Overhead yesterday at work, as a copier salesperson spoke to our administrative assistant:

“This copier lets you scan a document directly to someone’s e-mail!”

I thought to myself, “Hm… that would be like saying you could print a document directly to someone’s mail slot.”

Don’t pee on thyself

Two older gentlemen, probably in their 70s, were washing their hands the men’s room. One of them, the tatooed one wearing a hat, said to his friend and me, “In the Navy, they taught me not to pee on myself.”

I responded back the only way that seemed appropriate, “That’s a good leasson to learn!”