We’ve got a new addition to the family that should be here next weekend. Before you go assuming that Huyen’s having a one week pregnancy, here’s a shot of our new girl. She’s coming from FOHA and we’re really anxious for her to join us, especially after Moe’s (our betta fish) untimely passing a few weeks ago.

She’s a Bluetick Coonhound named Treasure (a name we will likely ditch, as long as she’s amenable to a change), about 2-3 years old. She’s a very mellow dog that gets along with children, seems absolutely indifferent towards cats, and is fine with other dogs. Since she’s a coonhound, she loves to smell and we were told to make sure our trash can had a nice, tight lid. She’s completely housebroken and visited Santa last year (really).

She’s at the tail end of her treatment for a “low positive” heartworm, which means they caught it very early and have her on low-strength medication to treat it. She’ll be tested again in June to make sure it’s all gone (at the shelter’s expense), but they’ve assured us it’s a minor thing that should be easily treated.

We’ll have a home visit this week when a volunteer comes out, looks at our house and makes sure we didn’t lie on our application. Then, next weekend we can bring her home (Treasure, not the volunteer). Rest assured, plenty of dog photos will be flickr’d in the coming weeks.

In other news, I’ve posted our New York Trip photo set. Restaurant reviews and a trip rundown are on the way. Our net connection last week ended up being really spotty, so blogging-as-we-went wasn’t much of an option.