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Kottke goes solo

I’m so happy to see Jason Kottke giving up his job to work on his personal web site for a year. Why? Two reasons…

Won, I’m jealous. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said, “Man, I’d love to just get paid to maintain, the ADD sites, the veg blog, and the UA Journal while running my label.” But I never once thought about doing it for real. With a mortgage, it’s a tough thought to consider, even for a moment. But, honestly, if I could devote 30 hours a week to my own sites—both the content and the technology behind them—and then take another 10 hours a week to volunteer, I think I’d be the happiest man on the planet. I’ve always done what I’ve really loved, creating, as my hobby. The thought of doing it to support myself is mind-blowing. I’m glad Jason’s giving it a shot. He’s got the readership, the skills, and the motivation, so I’m willing to bet he can make it happen. And the rest of us can live vicariously through him.

Too, I love his site. I love reading what he has to say, because his writing isn’t mundane and regurgitated (like, say, this site). Sure, he’s one of the “A-List” bloggers and it may not be cool to link to him for those of us wannabe A-Listers, but he’s got quality content and I look forward to there being more and more of it now that he’s really devoting the time to it. I was worried he might shy away from his personal site after the debacle with Jeopardy and Sony, but it seems that setback only served to refocus him.

Best of luck to the Big Man That Brought Back the Webcam.

Hope you had a happy V-day…

… we did! Thanks for the thought, kind Blog Post Title!

We had a nice dinner in last night (I made dinner and dessert) and just chilled after a long day for both of us. I worked 10 1/2 hours and Huyen worked her normal 10-11.

My new computer is ordered… should be here sometime late this week or early next. I should *finally* be set up to do some video work. I’ve been wanting to archive these old family videos to DVD for a while now. Plus those old stag reels I’ve been hiding in the closet.

We’re all partied out at the MacMichael homestead. Superbowl party at the neighbors’ two weekends ago, first birthday party for our other neighbors’ daughter on Saturday, and our Tet get-together at Four Sisters in Eden on Sunday. Thanks to everyone that came out for that… it was a good time with lots of food. Next year, we’ll do it at the house again.

E-mail’s been acting a little funky on-and-off. Spamcop’s been catching things it shouldn’t, so if you haven’t heard back from me in the last few days and you expected to, drop me a note.

Tee-hee. Just noticed that.

Can’t wait to get back into my regular routine. I’ve adapted to life without the net at home, but look forward to regaining my connectivity.

TV Talk

The first segment of The Simpsons last night was masterful. It’s the first time I can remember where a hip-hop-themed parody on a sitcom (animated or otherwise) came off as informed and not outsider and stupid. Marge: “Dissing? Do rappers still say that?” Hilarious. Even better: the parodies were written and performed by none other than Boots from The Coup. The freakin’ Coup! Somebody over there knows what they’re doing…

(For an example of how not to do it, see The Family Guy episode that also aired last night.)

Also: last night’s Malcolm in the Middle was the funniest episode in years.

Not so hot: Numb3rs, despite a strong showing by Freaks and Geeks/Undeclared alum David Krumholtz. A somewhat interesting idea, but the overstylized editing sucks. It won’t last long anyway, as it’s on Friday nights.

Tet for Tat

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Crash go boom.

For quite a while now, my computer at home’s been giving me some serious headaches. It would blue screen on me every few days. But in the last few weeks, there have been days where it’s blue screened five or six times. And the worst thing is that it was impossible to diagnose. It was a different driver every time, sometimes video, sometimes audio, sometimes USB/Firewire-related, sometimes memory-related… I could be nowhere near the computer while it sat idle and it would crash. Totally unpredictable and unable to be recreated.

Yesterday, Huyen was using the computer and it had one of its crashes. She left it on so I could see the error when I got home. But when I got home, the computer was off. The damn thing had died and wouldn’t even power back on.

I am now in the process of getting a quote from Envision, who built me a kick ass computer for my studio a year ago. It’s going to be a slightly-more-than-bare-bones computer. I’ll be reusing my CD and DVD burners, sound card (maybe), memory (if possible), monitor, keyboard, mouse, router, XP license, speakers, and modem. I’ll be getting a new case, motherboard, video card, firewire/USB, network card, and CPU.

Last night without e-mail was hard. I realized that e-mail is like an appendage for me. I’ll check e-mail between commercials, on the way to or from the bathroom, while I’ve got water boiling… I didn’t know what to do with myself last night.

It’s going to be a long couple weeks between now and whenever the new beast gets built. I’ll make the best of it, though. It’ll be a good time to give the computer room a thorough cleaning in those hard-to-reach spots that are usually obscured by the monitor or case. And a couple weeks of waiting is worth it if I never have to see another win32k.sys or nv4_disp.dll crash again.

Too lazy for a real post, so here’s an IM snippet

[12:16] Ryan: observation:

[12:17] Ryan: dipping a rye cracker into a bowl of miso-seaweed soup and then eating the soggy cracker tastes like chewing on a cigarette. if one eats cigarettes, that is.

[12:17] Paul: Sounds like the way I described drinking Guinness when I first had it:

[12:17] Paul: “Tastes like a penny.”

Broken bill

Spot what’s weird:

Discover bill

My bill’s $8.95, but I need to pay at least $9.00… ?

Evil Dead Not Dead

I read yesterday for the first time that “they” are considering remaking Evil Dead without Sam Raimi as director and without Bruce Campbell as Ash. I’m sure you could all hear me groaning from wherever in the world you may be.

But then, today, I got an e-mail from director Dante Tomaselli that made me say, “Hm… maybe that wouldn’t be so bad…” Dante himself wants to be the man to do the Evil Dead remake. I will go on record as saying: if Evil Dead gets remade, Dante is the only man for the job. He’s worked with Ellen Sandweiss (from the original) and his visual style is similar to Raimi’s. If he did it, it would be done right. Of course, finding a suitable Bruce Campbell replacement would be near impossible… but maybe Bruce would consider reprising his role if someone like Dante was at the helm…

Did I mention that I briefly considered being an extra in Dante’s most recent movie Satan’s Playground? The deal-killer: the scene was a Satanic naked orgy (the only kind, as far as I’m concerned!) shot in the woods of New Jersey in late November. The world’s just not ready for my bare ass.

Reversal of Fortune

Any aspiring Flash developers want to take on my own open source game idea? Yes, I most certainly am bandwagon jumping.